About NY Blender

It’s like a very much needed cool and fruity rum smoothie on a hot and steamy summer day … a little bit of sweetness, cold, edge, and fun blended together for a smooth and delicious taste.

Here we’ll bring You our favorites in Big Apple, our picks through the adventures in the rest of the World, buzzy Artsy stuff, fashionable trends and ideas and where to buy them, all while exchanging a dialog with likeminded individuals, creating a community of interests.

We search for and bring you top taste makers for you to indulge and get inspired. We hope for people to share their experiences via submissions for publishing, and open further conversation about things we like and enjoy doing.

Who We Are

On one of my many trips to Hong Kong I came across an authentic Chinese Tea House, fully equipped with tea ceremonies, classes on how to brew teas correctly, and the shop with tasting bar. Drinking tea the proper way is an old and strongly held Chinese tradition. Tea drinking in China can bring you solace, get you inspired, reenergize or relax you.

In the West there are wine sommeliers, who curate the knowledge and sophisticated drinking to the audience. In the East, there are the tea curators, who educate on the traditions and tastes, balance and energy flow, and simply discovery.

Here we will bring You our discoveries, from East and West and everywhere in between: sophisticated, elegant, traditional and modern, fashionable and new.

Every day we can come across a new muse. We get inspired when we feel, and we feel when we see, and we see when we look, and we look when we search, and we search to be different, and different we all are, but so much we are all longing to be happy.

We are constantly searching and looking to find inspirations and new and different things that make us feel amazing.