NYBlender Christmas

NYBlender team is split across different continents, yet distance nor time difference have never created any boundaries between us.  It is difficult to share major holidays though. We invite you to have a glimpse into our traditions, favorite recipes and simply the way we do holiday season, wish farewell to the old year and greet the New Year.

No Idea What to Gift for the Holidays?

Have you gifted perfume two holidays in a row? Other sites suggesting same generic gift ideas? Lost and zero creativity? Money card is not an option, unless you are seeking disappointing looks.  No need to worry, we got you covered! Our short list of gift suggestions is sure to wipe the frown off the face of your recipient, and put them into happy holiday spirits.


Warm up your winter by heading down to Miami and its surrounding beach front areas.  Miami has so many nooks and crannies: variety of neighborhoods, designs, vibes, parties, and simply the endless sounds of crashing waves.

RIP push-up bra

Recently going through my closet, I have realized I no longer own a single push-up bra. Nor do I own an impressive full décolleté, just a cozy B cup. Few WhatsApp chats with my girls later, and we have discovered that push-up bras have left our wardrobes for good and not even planning to return. But the question “why?” still remained.

The Classic Sparkle

Every girl arrives to the point in life when she feels the desire to start her own fine jewelry collection. Putting aside that special diamond solitaire ring, which calls for a celebration of another kind, the base of collection most certainly should be the diamond stud earrings.

New York Broadway Shows

There is something absolutely unique about New York City and its abundance of theaters with enormous variety of performances. Six nights a week you can go and see a different show, from on Broadway musicals and celebrity name featured theater productions, to a small off-Broadway sets with more experimental works, or go for an opera or ballet at the Lincoln Center. There is plenty to choose from for any taste: drama, comedy, thriller, or burlesque. Some are for kids and others are for adults only.

72 Hour Party in Dubai

If Miami and Las Vegas had a baby … that would be Dubai! Stretching along white sand beaches, blue waters, palm trees, and most innovative and architecturally progressing high-rises … this modern man made marvel also boasts an outlandish party scene of which both Miami and Vegas can be envious.

One Picture

“Our life is not measured by the number of times that your heart beats; it is being measured by the number of heart-stopping moments, the moments that we will never forget.” – Dale Marcovitz, Tiffany’s Tour Guide

2017 Fall Art Season

September is here and that means that New York city’s galleries, museums and all other art organizations are ready for new and dynamic season. Here is a short list of some noteworthy exhibits, events and installations with something for everyone.

Three lakes of Northern Italy

In a search of weeklong, sunny, relaxed and picturesque vacation in Europe the destination was decided to be Northern Italy. Easy to reach, plenty to see, superb climate and great food, what else to wish for? I personally have been exploring Italy for the last fifteen years since the time I’ve lived in Milan, but it never gets old. This time I chose to concentrate on three major lakes that are in the close proximity to Milan, with brief visits to Verona and Venice for the full experience package. Each of those towns deserves a post on its own, but this time we are going to concentrate on the great lakes of Northern Italy.

Live the Charmed Life

Charms, charms, charms … dangling on the wrists, necklines, ankles, and bags. I adore charm bracelets! Those are personal, beautiful, fun and easy to wear accessories. Charms can be a conversation starter, a statement piece or simply a gentle reminder of where it came from.   Charm is simply a “lucky” object which is believed to bring one good luck. Today we wear a charm bracelet or a necklace as an item of jewelry. Usually it carries personal "charms": decorative pendants or trinkets which signify important things in the wearer's life, or simply because they are cute.

Easy Day Trips for the Curious Mind

The busy, vibrant city life can suck one in fairly quickly, and let’s be honest, everyone needs a little inspirational artsy break every now and then. Here please indulge in our very favorite and easy to reach destinations by car around New York City which can be enjoyed throughout the year with every changing season.

The Daily Addiction

Can you imagine a morning without the aroma of fresh coffee? We at NYBlender cannot, at least if we are talking about the good morning. Simply inspired by our strong passion for liquid caffeine intake here is a summary of our favorite flavors and all sorts of forms of it.

The Illuminati Ball

Once I read a couple of articles about this immersive dinner experience, immediately I wanted to go! Pictures on a website were funky and looked interesting, but there was no pictures from real people who attended the event, since no cell phones or cameras were allowed.

The Games We Play

Do you like games as much as I do? I don’t mean table or video games. I mean real games without any set of rules, which makes them most fascinating. Sometimes you start the game or you get involved in someone else’s and just play along, and at times maybe even get stronger to impose your own rules. Occasionally the game is so tempting and irresistibly sweet that one will pretend to follow made up rules just to be part of this tantalizing dance. Other times it may get dirty and someone can get stained, or it may turn out to be unexpectedly rewarding. You never know from the beginning which scenario it is or how it will play out, but if you dare, it is an exciting experience.

Wearable Art

Let’s talk about the basics of any wardrobe - the white T-shirt. I am, personally, always on a hunt for a perfect white tee wherever I’m in the world, and have lost count of how many I own. Nothing is more timeless than a white cotton T-shirt paired with perfectly fit blue jeans, or sequin mini skirt and a pair of heels, or even a business suit for a dressed-down look, translating into “yeah, I am confident enough to pull this off”.

Vacation with the Sea

Loud and obnoxious waves crashing at my feet with the backdrop of black sand is exactly what I needed on this trip to rest my mind and my soul. Perfection. I love the smell of seawater , cooling wind, wine, cigarette ... I almost feel Hemingwayan, typing this up as I lay here on the day bed with my iPad.  

LA – the City of Angeles

One’s company can make or break any experience. But it is also the state of your own mind, being fully present in that moment and diving into it wholeheartedly. I’m not sure whether it was the sunny day, blooming flowers, taste of Rosé on my lips, butterflies in my stomach, or simply that feeling they call of falling in love – certainly something magical happened and for the first time I saw a different side of the City of Angels.

Cheers for the Freedom!

Summer, with its warm evenings and everyone's eagerness to be outdoors, calls for celebrations and festivities. In anticipation of the celebration of our Stars and Stripes here are some stylish suggestions from an event planner on how to throw a fashionable feast for a festive occasion in or out doors. Let’s incorporate the traditional colors of red, white and blue, in different, original ways.

Miracles of Coconut Oil

I can talk endlessly about coconut oil. My house is full of different bottles with it and they are literally everywhere: in the kitchen, bathroom, next to my bed and in my bag. The purpose of this post is not to overwhelm you with factual and chemical characteristics, and such fluff that can be looked up on Wikipedia, but simply to share my personal experience.

Turning passion for classic cars into art and making successful business out of it.

To start I must confess that my knowledge and interest in cars is limited by “pretty” or “not pretty”, and only in rare cases it will be “look at that beauty” or “hello, sexy”. So why am I writing this post at all? Because I have discovered a magical place that’s left me breathless and repeating “oh, look at that beauty!” for the whole evening, and I am sure it’s not going to be the last time. Also this experience made me realize that there is nothing that can compare to a perfectly restored vintage car, and no business can succeed without the energy of true passion behind it.

From Bedroom to the Streets

With a holy month of Ramadan starting in Middle East, as a true fashionista living in Dubai, I had to figure out what to wear to look appropriate, yet elegant (let me remind you that exposed shoulders are not really allowed here and modest hemline is required, yet temperatures are going up to 100 Fahrenheit/40 Celsius). Being exposed to the local culture I have always admired local girls wearing their beautiful black abayas with chic and grace, but as a Westerner I would not dare to wear clothing that has religious foundation and symbolism.

Woody Allen @ the Carlyle Hotel

Woody Allen is a quintessential New Yorker.  Like him or his work or not is a different question, but, one cannot disagree that Woody Allen to New York is like the big apple symbol to the city, or the yellow cab, or the Plaza or the Carlyle Hotel.  These are the landmarks that the city is known for and by.  Woody Allen is the eccentric New Yorker who is multifaceted and unpredictable. Mr. Allen is NYC landmark of its own.

Never Leave a Trace Behind

Kiss all night long? Serious plans for gluttony? Full day of meetings? Or simply crazy weekend by the pool - one of essential things not a single girl can go without is smudge-proof, long-lasting lipstick. Been there, done that - here is NYBlender’s favorites that will make you feel confident no matter what, when and where.