Glamorous Makeover

Your working day is coming to the end, the sun slowly goes down over the skyscrapers, illuminating the streets with warm glow, and the mad rhythm of the big city slowly goes down … or so you think.  The Queen of the Night is approaching, bringing all sorts of mischief with her. Now we just need some magic to be transformed from our 9-5 look into the evening glam.

Love me Tinder

I bet everyone who is sexually active have heard of Tinder, Happen and similar dating/easy-hook-up apps which are popping up like mushrooms after a summer rain now.

Valentine's Day

Have you started to notice teddy bears in store fronts along with the abundance of all sorts of red and heart shaped? Yes it’s coming in like a hurricane, and it’s called Valentine’s Day.  The big romantic night out for two, with mediocre pre fix menu and service, overpriced plush toys, roses and chocolate.  Can this get any more predictable and unsentimental? United in our dislike of everything mass, conventional and mundane explore our alternatives to the lovey-dovey togetherness.

We are One Year Old!

So exactly a year ago on January 26th we have launched NYBLender blog with the very first post on Hong Kong. Obviously the idea came long before and we have been sleeping on it, testing the waters in writing, and gathering ideas.

Be the Queen of the Ball

Your limo won’t turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, but you will be in a modern day fairy tale dancing the night away among the splendid décor, live music and a room full of beautiful people.  And you don’t need an exceptional invite, or even get on the flight to Los Angeles.  The magic is right here in NYC.

Going Green!

A New Year is always suggesting for some new resolutions and challenges to incorporate into one’s life. I have started “going green” a little while ago, but this year it finally seems to be shaping up into a real lifestyle that I am planning to promote more and more.

Magic Kingdom

And the magic is in the planning. Lots and lots and lots of planning; every, freaking, detail of your Disney experience.  So here is a rundown on what to do, what to avoid, and what not to do if you are anywhere remotely like me and cannot tolerate long lines, obnoxious crowds and rowdy kids.

NYBlender Christmas

NYBlender team is split across different continents, yet distance nor time difference have never created any boundaries between us.  It is difficult to share major holidays though. We invite you to have a glimpse into our traditions, favorite recipes and simply the way we do holiday season, wish farewell to the old year and greet the New Year.

No Idea What to Gift for the Holidays?

Have you gifted perfume two holidays in a row? Other sites suggesting same generic gift ideas? Lost and zero creativity? Money card is not an option, unless you are seeking disappointing looks.  No need to worry, we got you covered! Our short list of gift suggestions is sure to wipe the frown off the face of your recipient, and put them into happy holiday spirits.


Warm up your winter by heading down to Miami and its surrounding beach front areas.  Miami has so many nooks and crannies: variety of neighborhoods, designs, vibes, parties, and simply the endless sounds of crashing waves.

RIP push-up bra

Recently going through my closet, I have realized I no longer own a single push-up bra. Nor do I own an impressive full décolleté, just a cozy B cup. Few WhatsApp chats with my girls later, and we have discovered that push-up bras have left our wardrobes for good and not even planning to return. But the question “why?” still remained.