Pink is New Blue

Office shirt. What is the first color that comes to your mind? White? Blue? Obviously the variety of stripes in the common blue-white spectrum and possibly hints of red for the bravest ones. Just as recent as 10 years ago this was all of the variety available for the office dress shirt. But not anymore, I invite you to think pink today! 

Monogrammed Dress Shirt

I have been asked to write about monograms on the men's shirts. Main question was - what is the proper positioning for it on the shirt? But before this, let’s examine the basics and understand exactly why one would want to do it, how it should look like, and the last, but not the least - where the initials should be placed? First, let’s start with some history:  It is widely known that monograming traces back to Ancient Greek times, when coins were marked with monograms of the town’s first letters. Soon after monograms were adopted by artists to identify their works. Followed by nobility, who started using its family monograms to mark their personal belongings, which began to associate with ostentation.