Never Leave a Trace Behind

Kiss all night long? Serious plans for gluttony? Full day of meetings? Or simply crazy weekend by the pool - one of essential things not a single girl can go without is smudge-proof, long-lasting lipstick. Been there, done that - here is NYBlender’s favorites that will make you feel confident no matter what, when and where.

2017 Spring - Summer Scents

As Winter sheds its cool layers, Spring rolls around the corner with its warm sunny breeze.  Every season has its trends and styles, accessories, bags and shoes.  But scent is one layer that we wrap around all year long.  As we unwrap and put away coats and sweaters, push behind our deep and warm fall/winter perfume blends in the drawer, let’s see what are some classics and new comers for the Spring/Summer 2017!

Head Piece – Timeless Accessory

As we begin a new season and come out of our dry month and other resolution focused post-holiday period, next wave of excitement rolls in fast - Invitations! Engagements, Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate and Charity events, you name it. That gives us, girls, next challenge to conquer - outfit! And here comes a thought, why don’t we add to or skip altogether, the old and bullet proof style little black dress with all familiar accessories that traditionally accompany the look, but instead opt for something a little bit more bold and fun  – a Head Piece?

Pink is New Blue

Office shirt. What is the first color that comes to your mind? White? Blue? Obviously the variety of stripes in the common blue-white spectrum and possibly hints of red for the bravest ones. Just as recent as 10 years ago this was all of the variety available for the office dress shirt. But not anymore, I invite you to think pink today!