The Daily Addiction

Can you imagine a morning without the aroma of fresh coffee? We at NYBlender cannot, at least if we are talking about the good morning. Simply inspired by our strong passion for liquid caffeine intake here is a summary of our favorite flavors and all sorts of forms of it.

The Games We Play

Do you like games as much as I do? I don’t mean table or video games. I mean real games without any set of rules, which makes them most fascinating. Sometimes you start the game or you get involved in someone else’s and just play along, and at times maybe even get stronger to impose your own rules. Occasionally the game is so tempting and irresistibly sweet that one will pretend to follow made up rules just to be part of this tantalizing dance. Other times it may get dirty and someone can get stained, or it may turn out to be unexpectedly rewarding. You never know from the beginning which scenario it is or how it will play out, but if you dare, it is an exciting experience.

Cheers for the Freedom!

Summer, with its warm evenings and everyone's eagerness to be outdoors, calls for celebrations and festivities. In anticipation of the celebration of our Stars and Stripes here are some stylish suggestions from an event planner on how to throw a fashionable feast for a festive occasion in or out doors. Let’s incorporate the traditional colors of red, white and blue, in different, original ways.