Vacation with the Sea

Loud and obnoxious waves crashing at my feet with the backdrop of black sand is exactly what I needed on this trip to rest my mind and my soul. Perfection. I love the smell of seawater , cooling wind, wine, cigarette ... I almost feel Hemingwayan, typing this up as I lay here on the day bed with my iPad.  

LA – the City of Angeles

One’s company can make or break any experience. But it is also the state of your own mind, being fully present in that moment and diving into it wholeheartedly. I’m not sure whether it was the sunny day, blooming flowers, taste of Rosé on my lips, butterflies in my stomach, or simply that feeling they call of falling in love – certainly something magical happened and for the first time I saw a different side of the City of Angels.

Dubai - The Best of Everything

Dubai - the most famous Emirate known for its luxurious lifestyle and man-build miracles. The city that is so artificial that this makes it unique in its artificiality. The place that has it all and offers vast choices for your enjoyment, and the one that knows how to make the most of it.

Always in Love with Baku

Which is your favorite city in the world? The one you enjoy in any season and with any company? I have been planning to write about mine for a long time, but every time I would start typing, my heart would get overwhelmed with deep emotions towards this town, and I just couldn’t turn them into words and gave up.