Essentials to a Restful Flight

15 Hours of Quiet Bliss

February 09, 2017

I truly enjoy my 15 hour long flight from Hong Kong to New York.  It is time to rest the mind and body.  The sense of completion and accomplishment of the long busy week, together with warm feelings of coming home set in.


Taking Off
In Flight


I’d say one of the best features of Cathay Pacific Airlines if the absence of Wi-Fi on flights.  It truly gives the traveler time and space to travel and not be distracted by work or other communication matters.  It sounds simple; however, it is much needed personal quality time.


It is important to disconnect from all communication, demanding calendar and phone calls.  It seems an exercise harder and harder to do nowadays.  Technology both helped us and wrapped us around itself for complete control over our lives.  It almost feels inexcusable to be unreachable or unavailable.


Image by David Drebin titled "Under the Surface" - one of my favorites


I like to spend the time to organize my thoughts, compartmentalize creative ideas, and jot down outlines.  I enjoy looking back at the time I spent abroad and reflect on what I have learned new, which familiar places brought me new and interesting experiences, and what my old friends and connections taught me something new this time.


I enjoy the quiet, calm, and still time of the flight, even thou we are moving through the sky at high speeds.

A nap, a movie, a glass of wine, rest and complete unavailability to the rest of the World – is my time for me.


A few must have items which make travel smoother: 

Comfortable and breathing clothing – on long howl flights I change into my silk Shanghai Tang PJs as soon as I get on the plane.  On shorter distances cotton soft leggings with loose and cozy t-shirt and sweater is a must.  I never travel without a shawl to wrap up in those cold airplane cabins, and socks.


Shanghai Tang Silk Travel PJs
LV Shawl and Coleman Curated Playlist in my ears


Useful tools to have handy – a phone charger, primarily to keep on listening to my favorite tunes.  Jetting with Coleman Curated Music lists makes it a party.  Noise cancelling head phones, these do work! Bose is my personal preference.  Face moisturizer – apply and repeat, repeat, repeat.  Lip treatment – same as with face. Eye mask will give you better shut down eliminating light.  And a good read will round up my list.


Eye Mask + Champaigne + Music = Ready to Go!
Headphones! Water!
Picked Up Inflight Reading
Jetting Off
Thick Moisturizer


Water! Water, water, water … Hydrate and drink up water.




 “30 minutes to landing” been announced … time to capture the moment and appreciate the tranquility, before the phones starts ringing and beeping from never ending emails, calendar invites and calls.

Don’t forget to build in quiet time into your daily routine to disconnect and prioritize time one-on-one with yourself.