Spring in NYC is Magical

In Love with NYC

February 13, 2017

It is easy to fall in love with a city or town one is visiting for a short time … falling in love with the city you live, work, socialize, have a routine … and stay in love  - is hard … But not for me, and not with New York City.


Spring in NYC is the time when the sun shines a bit brighter and the winter cool breeze is getting warmer, the ladies quickly change into their high heels skipping the tights, men loose heavy coats and stroll lightly in jackets, the new ideas are born and taken to implementation, the thrill of summer hot nights, which will come too soon, and we will be complaining and asking for colder days again, and the blooming parks and alleys.  Everything seems to be waking up, fresh, renewed and full of energy.


Hudson River Park
Riding bikes in Battery Park
Statue of Liberty
Spring is in the Air
Somewhere in Dumbo
Green Grass!!!! On Governor's Island
Columbus Circle
5th Avenue
Central Park
Colorful in SOHO
Fire Escape, SOHO

Spring starts with abundance of major events early in March with the Armory Show and the Scope which are the two leading art shows in NYC.   Art Expo follows in April and Art NY in May with numerous galleries presenting in between, the art scene is bursting with the old and true trusted shows along with the new smaller gallery exhibits.


The city is booming with festivities from St. Patrick’s Day Parade to Easter Egg Hunts, celebratory mood is everywhere.  The thrilling Tribeca Film Festival full of buzzy new features, celebrities and parties, is great social mingling circus.  For nature lovers there will be the annual Orchid Show at the Botanical Garden in the Bronx, and Sakura Festival at the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn.  America’s Cup – largest sailing event is fun to observe from the shore.   The Fleet Week brings adorable young navy boys to town in their crisp white uniforms.  Polite and kind they roam the city and easily spotted in bars :-)


Bronx Botanical Garden


Memorial Day weekend usually breaks up the pace giving New Yokers a chance to escape the city and recharge in the country side.


Hudson River Valley
A little Rose never hurt Nobody


Spring in NYC is romantic and dreamy.  Stroll, breath and inhale this city and its energy!  This is the place to meet the most unexpected people, and also to hide away in large crowds.  Explore endlessly and rediscover yourself.  NYC has sooo much to offer for any day of the week, time of the day, age group category or interests …  This is truly an international vibrant melting pot: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy …


Brooklyn Bridge
View From Brooklyn Bridge


It is hard for me to fall out of love with NYC, even when it is tough on me … It makes you want to do more, be better, grow further, learn faster … This tough love approach works well for our relationship.  Just like after a really good work out you feel a tad beat up, yet amazing and accomplished, a step closer to your goal; same with NYC and me, we both like a little beating to remind each other how perfect we really are, how much we appreciate one another, and the never ending love and support we give and share.

This is truly one love affair for the books and movies.  Come visit, and have a fling …