Pink is New Blue

Men Style

February 28, 2017

Office shirt. What is the first color that comes to your mind? White? Blue? Obviously the variety of stripes in the common blue-white spectrum and possibly hints of red for the bravest ones. Just as recent as 10 years ago this was all of the variety available for the office dress shirt. But not anymore, I invite you to think pink today! 


Nothing like a pink shirt makes a man stand out from the crowd, yet keeping the look professional. Probably no other color, that is worn by men, better states the confidence and masculinity, and brings instant freshness to the whole, otherwise quite common, business outfit. And what can be better than being perceived as more confident than your fellow colleagues?


Statistically this image automatically gives others the perception that one is better educated, better qualified and even more attractive. And if in fact it is supported with an actual work performance, your look will help lead you to a faster promotion, negotiate better salary and maybe even start a new romance. Persuasive enough?



There is whole range of pink fabrics to create your unique pink dress shirt that will take you to the top. Play with patterns and tones, from soft pastels for formal dress-code to the strong candy pink for more casual circumstances. Go for an amazing combination of light pink striped shirt with contrasting white collar for your formal look, or bright pink checked fabric inside the collar and cuffs, for the weekend brunch.



Remember some general tips to start with: pink shirt is a fabulous match with grey, brown and navy suits, this also applies to deep blue ties. Dark green is the boldest yet positively unforgettable combination, suggested for more relaxed and casual look. Be careful with orange and pink combos, as these are the hardest to get right.  Don’t challenge yourself to pull off pink and black combinations.



What would be your pink driving you to the success?


by, Jana Belugina