Head Piece – Timeless Accessory

Make It Yours

March 17, 2017

As we begin a new season and come out of our dry month and other resolution focused post-holiday period, next wave of excitement rolls in fast - Invitations! Engagements, Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate and Charity events, you name it.


That gives us, girls, next challenge to conquer - outfit! And here comes a thought, why don’t we add to or skip altogether, the old and bullet proof style little black dress with all familiar accessories that traditionally accompany the look, but instead opt for something a little bit more bold and fun  – a Head Piece?


Timeless and multifaceted accessory is the head piece! A hat, a pin, tiara, a chain or a feather, turban or a scarf. These small but vital items will transform entire look and charge you with immense attitude. More often now than ever we see ladies incorporating unique headpieces into their looks on any occasion, and it’s been a rising trend for brides and their bridesmaids as well to add head piece to elevate their look on the special day and other festivities. Let’s reinvent and include new accessory, maybe a hat, to share the look among your ladies during a wedding or a bridal shower, or the bachelorette! Let’s wear hats and tiaras more often: to a party, girls night out, a polo match, corporate Spring/Summer networking events.



The price tags are as wide as the possibilities: there are high end fashion designs from Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta and alike which can ring up to $1500 or more. Other specialized designers such as Eugenia Kim or Noel Stewart have more affordable options, and each do limited designs each season so you can be sure to have still an exclusive piece.  And of course more affordable brands like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Zara and David’s Bridal, together with small designers on the fast growing and other small online boutiques have expanded accessory lines to include pretty headpieces to share and enjoy alone or with a group of friends.


The awesomeness of using small elements to accessorize and enhance the look is that you can easily wear it again and again with different outfits and for other occasions. This is a great way to remind friends of a special day or an experience shared, and a great souvenir that will live on to create new memories for you.


 A few ideas where to incorporate a lovely head piece to differentiate your look more often:


Imagine an elegant country club wedding outside; have your girls wear a matching or similar hats instead of a cheesy matching dress.



Out in the country, wine tasting, or BBQ get together? Rock a straw hat, for a group event have each girl personalize with her favorite scarf or one that ties all of you together:



Pool side or on the beach? Diversify with a fashion turban:



Running errands? Why not a multi colored fedora:



Girly and romantic? Put flowers in! Little or big, all around or just one in a pin - make it yours:



Black Tie event, charity ball, opera or theater night out? Go all glam in Art Deco style where geometric shapes bring both elegant yet bold look. 



Pearls whisper old school traditions and add chic and gracefulness to the look:



Bohemian mood? Dainty and light for an island vacation or a summer party:



Or minimalistic and simple:



Head piece is easy to play with, travel, and afford. It is simple to customize, make it modern or traditional. It is flexible, economical and fun accessory which is easy to incorporate into any party look and share among both small and large group of friends.  


Looking forward to wearing more hats, feathers and pins, bandanas and scarfs, adding a head piece to my daily wardrobe not only on vacations and weekends, but into my work week looks as well. And keeping my fingers crossed that at least some of the brides in my life will choose to skip the matching dress for their bridesmaids, that everyone is dreading, and go for something different, fashionable and fun, yet still putting the bridal party in unison.


Rolling into Spring with new fashion goals …