Modern Day Gimmicks for the Upright Lifestyle

Better Posture, Better You

April 13, 2017

Hello there! Sitting again, aren’t you? How’s your back feeling, slouched? Nothing personal, but nowadays, in the era of computerization and hours of sitting at the desk, almost everyone has a poor posture and as a result back issues.



So why good posture is so important and what can you do to improve it? Let’s start with motivation first - why you need good posture, when it is so convenient to sluggishly relax your shoulders and let your upper body to slouch.


The most visible result of improved posture is of course the posture itself. Straight back makes you appear taller and slimmer (and who doesn’t want that). In the long run - you can dance now - it actually makes you slender because by positioning yourself straight, every organ in your body starts to improve and work better and faster, including the digestive system.


Obvious visible improvements will improve your self-confidence, a person carrying her/himself straight and tall also is perceived by others as more confident and powerful (never harmed anyone).


Some other physical results of keeping proper posture are deeper breathing, easier and increased concentration, better productivity, topped with quite essential benefit - no back pain.


So in general, keeping back straight has really a lot to give in return, the question is how to do it? When we were kids we had our moms around who would say every now and then - “Don't slouch!” that’s not an option in our adult life.


First and most often suggested is - sport. There are plenty of fitness activities that can be done to help improve the strength of the back, from beginners aerobics and weight training, to advanced yoga and Pilates. The exercise and movement is focusing on building up your core, thus making it easier and possible to carry the body weight straight up. Actually if you do workout, you can notice that keeping back straight makes it easier to run, lift weights and prevent injuries. It’s a win-win.



However since we definitely sit more than we move or workout, we tend to relax our core muscles and round our shoulders inward, curving the spine and exposing ourselves to long term back issues. There are several gadgets on the market that claim to have a secret to solving the problem.


Check out Darma cushion, the first smart cushion that monitors posture, stress levels and sitting patterns.  Darma monitors heart and respiration rates as well to notify when your stress levels are high. Just sit on it and it does the work. 


Prana tracker attempts to improve one’s posture by measuring breathing, with thesis that by breathing better one will be sitting and standing up straighter. A small round device is placed on waistband and connected to your smartphone for easy monitoring of your breathing pattern.  


The solution I personally found and am very fond of is - UpRight. This sleek device has made miracles to my posture within two weeks. The device is placed to the lower back with special stick tape, and calibrated through a Bluetooth connection to an app on your smartphone.  The application let’s you monitor your training and make necessary alterations to the program. Logic is simple - you sit straight, like a ballerina, once you slouch the device vibrates to alert you to straighten out. With regular workouts the body builds muscle memory to keep good posture while seated, and even when you don’t use the device, the memory stays with you.



Out of all options for posture improvement that are available today, I think this is the most convenient and beneficial device. Upright improved my posture and helped my friends, somehow going viral in my social circle and we continue to use it, and are happy to introduce it to the rest of the world. Upright became another cherished gadget for endless reach of healthy living.



by, Jana Belugina