2017 Spring - Summer Scents

New and Old Classics

May 03, 2017

As Winter sheds its cool layers, Spring rolls around the corner with its warm sunny breeze.  Every season has its trends and styles, accessories, bags and shoes.  But scent is one layer that we wrap around all year long.  As we unwrap and put away coats and sweaters, push behind our deep and warm fall/winter perfume blends in the drawer, let’s see what are some classics and new comers for the Spring/Summer 2017!



Bond No. 9 The Scent of Peace airy and fresh, light and yes, it is very peaceful! With notes of grapefruit, black currant, lily, hedione, cedarwood and musk.  Been my spring/summer favorite for the past 6 years and going strong! Worth mentioning that Bond No. 9 is also a true New Yoker, the brand originated in Soho (yes, 9 Bond Street) and been carrying out a philosophy of creating a scent to represent each borough of New York.  Scent of Peace is the tribute to the United Nations on East Side River.



Tom Ford – Neroli Portofino is very cool and sparkling waters of the Italian Riviera, light yet substantive perfume with notes of citrus, floral and amber. Tom Ford designer and brand been innovative in the fashion industry since I’ve been a little girl. I loved the Tom Ford Beauty line ever since it launched in 2011, and religiously continue to use some of my favorites today.  The TF perfumes are bold and feisty, yet delicate in combination of carefully selected elements.



Chanel COCO Mademoiselle – feminine composition conveying sensuality and freshness.  This is the classic that never gets old, just like the fashion label’s signature quilted bag.



The Seductive Love and Tears, Surrender by Kilian it is very sexy and sophisticated bouquet of jasmine, sun kissed warm skin with mossy facet.  My choice for the date night out or in ;) It’s okay, be a little lewd.  The brand was a creation of one of the heirs to the luxury cognac makers – Kilian Hennessy.



Bella Una is full of love! This beautiful scent was inspired by love and feeling.  Each bottle comes with a love letter and not necessarily between lovers, but maybe from sister to sister, or daughter to mother.  I will steal the description directly from their website because you cannot say it any better - “If this fragrance were a color it would be yellow. If it were a song it would be “You Are My Sunshine”.” Soft and sweet, delicate and warm it encompasses notes of vanilla, pepper and green tea. 



Khaltat Blends of Love is an Arabic perfumery that creates very unique scents. Each has a name of “love” in

different languages, but my absolute favorite one would be “Liebe”, German for love. Strong, yet very complicated perfume with notes of bitter bergamot, sweet neroli and citrusy amber. The scent that you want to get wrapped in immediately and engraves into your memory forever.  Warm and seductive scent for still cool spring evenings.



Once the spring realizes that it’s time to spoil us with some sunshine, floral perfumes take their turn. Being absolute fans of peonies here at NYBlender, there are a few perfumes that are worth giving a try: recently launched Fleur Musc by Narciso Rodriguez, Si Rose Signature II from Giorgio Armani and of course Pivione Suzhou by Armani Prive.



Fleur Musc is vibrant combination of peony and rose, supported by pink pepper, violet and musk. It is cupcakes and Bellinis, girls and gossips. Curls, bright lip glosses and flirting, after all that’s all what spring is about. 



Pivione Suzhou is a fresher variation of peony and rose, with hints of raspberry and mandarin. Very gentle yet energetic. This is bright and yet modest scent. Like a fresh crisp air that awakens a town, when the World wakes up from winter blues.



Si Rose Signature II is not new, but still deserves to be mentioned as a flagship of floral perfumes. Intoxicating yet fresh, it is a blend of black currant, mandarin, bergamot and vanilla crowned by a rose. Even though there is no peony in this fragrance it is full of spring bloom, but hurry, as it was limited edition and not going to be produced anymore.



Fallen on my lap by a pure accident, I have discovered the Peonia Nobile by Aqua di Parma.  Moving and inspiring elegance of the peony flower is perfectly captured in the ultimate delicate fragrance. Polished recipe captures the ultimate essence of fragile femininity with peony flower and masculine strength with hints of black pepper which is softened by raspberry notes.  The ultimate warm weather silage.



by nyblender and Jana Belugina