Never Leave a Trace Behind

Long-lasting Lipsticks

May 26, 2017

Kiss all night long? Serious plans for gluttony? Full day of meetings? Or simply crazy weekend by the pool - one of essential things not a single girl can go without is smudge-proof, long-lasting lipstick. Been there, done that - here is NYBlender’s favorites that will make you feel confident no matter what, when and where.



Fond of matt lips? 10 out of 10 goes to Velvetines by Limecrime - this is a dream come true! Makeup for Unicorns, as they call themselves, this is truly stupendous, Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free lipstick! Apply without any lip liner and be amazed how it makes your lips look fuller, and surprisingly feels softer than others we’ve tried. Yes, this is the only matt and long lasting lip color that actually is not drying your lips. Eat, drink, kiss for hours it will stay no matter what. All colors are exceptional, but the best is red - perfect, classic and elegant that ideally suits every skin color. For day wear we love their nude shades that make smart makeup look complete. But for those ‘special’ occasions the line also includes green, blue, purple and bright orange funky hues.



Our second favorite is the recently released the Armani Lip Maestro (matte) or Lacquer (glossy) liquid stain lipsticks. These are the best choice today if you prefer soft glossy and moisturized looking lips, but at the same time not ready to sacrifice longevity of the lip color. Perfect for summers, beach or pool parties, bold, juicy pigments will make others turn their heads and you feel like the sexiest beast splashing in warm waters. The line is full of variety of vivid and soft colors to match any look.



Yves Saint Laurent also has a good version of lip stain - Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain. It won’t last as the others, but neither will you achieve a full, bold, solid color look. These are more sheer in texture and similar to a lip gloss that just stays on longer. Still amazing for the summer or when you want to opt for lighter sheer lips.



Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matt Liquid Colour is another great matt coverage, great texture, smooth and silky feel on the lips. Be gentle putting it on as it smudges easily till it dries completely, do not expect it to last forever, especially with fatty/moist foods. Those tiny flaws are compensated by great choice of colors, which Chanel is known for.


So, put on your bright lipstick and order that juicy burger with confidence, after all life is about enjoyment and ...perfect lips.



by nyblender and Jana Belugina