Woody Allen @ the Carlyle Hotel

The Quintessential NY experience

June 01, 2017

Woody Allen is a quintessential New Yorker.  Like him or his work or not is a different question, but, one cannot disagree that Woody Allen to New York is like the big apple symbol to the city, or the yellow cab, or the Plaza or the Carlyle Hotel.  These are the landmarks that the city is known for and by.  Woody Allen is the eccentric New Yorker who is multifaceted and unpredictable. Mr. Allen is NYC landmark of its own.


Woody Allen and The Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band have been playing weekly at the Carlyle Café since 1996. It’s been harder and harder to book desired date and see them live, these Monday night shows sell out fast.  Every season the band rejoins on stage to perform old classic hits, new songs and of course improvise. 



I was fortunate to land coveted table (the very first one in front of the stage!) for one of their performances and was not sure what to expect …


Every table was booked and every seat was occupied, audience overwhelmed with rigorous energy full of anticipation of what will happen on stage that night.   As orders were taken, and chatter of the room was quieting down, Woody Allen entered the room in the most unassuming way, wearing simple khaki pants and an oversized thick sweater – almost Curt Cobain like – it was a moment all of its own.  He took the stage very softly, focusing on adjusting the instrument and absolutely not paying ANY attention to the crowd, as if he was all alone in the room.



I couldn’t wait for them to start playing! Sitting on the edge of my seat I nearly jumped at hearing first notes.



Jazz is full of life, energy and excitement.  Live jazz makes all of your internal organs Dance! It IS the party on the Inside (no pun intended). 


The group of these young gentlemen is truly amazing.  Each member feels the energy of the other so naturally; that their Jazz improves are seamless and breathtaking.


Carlyle Café is elegant and cozy with authentic Manhattan backdrop.  Music has been an essential part of the Carlyle, and it has been beautifully presented at the Carlyle Café ever since it’s opening in 1955.  The Carlyle is also known as the White House of New York (ever since the President John F. Kennedy owned an apartment there), and also for its reputation for discretion, history and secrets.


One should put it on their bucket list to go ones and see Woody Allen in action – this is the ultimate New York experience!