From Bedroom to the Streets

Embracing new trend in our everyday looks.

June 08, 2017

With a holy month of Ramadan starting in Middle East, as a true fashionista living in Dubai, I had to figure out what to wear to look appropriate, yet elegant (let me remind you that exposed shoulders are not really allowed here and modest hemline is required, yet temperatures are going up to 100 Fahrenheit/40 Celsius). Being exposed to the local culture I have always admired local girls wearing their beautiful black abayas with chic and grace, but as a Westerner I would not dare to wear clothing that has religious foundation and symbolism.


The Goddess of style and current trends heard me and after two seasons of nightgowns and pajamas worn everywhere, robes and all sorts of cover-ups made a big entrance and are seen everywhere: from Dubai souks to streets of New York and Paris, beach and pool parties in Miami, Caribbean and Maldives, island vacations, restaurants and even on the go while getting to a destination. Robes are easy, comfortable, cozy, cooling or warming, and easily paired with nearly any outfit and can complement most occasions.


out to dinner in Dubai wearing custom silk designs by Skaya Fashion


We had the beachwear with its sheer tunics and covers that could be thrown on top of bikini for the glamorous stroll on the beach, or when sipping on a glass of bubbly by the pool bar. Now, we are elevating the existing sheer cover up and making it more of a statement piece of the entire look.

Honestly, how many times you wanted to put them on for an evening out?


DressAddict sleeveless linen bright pink floating vest worn as a cover up in sunny Miami
same vest transformed into evening accessory, paired with classic Chanel quilted bag, Prada sleek shoes, statement jewelry and white t-shirt and shorts for dinner
play with day/night transformations
Brunching in Skaya Fashion cotton blend kaftan with traditional Moroccan print


This season is generous with throw-on-and-go fashion pieces - kaftans, robes, variations of Middle Eastern traditional dresses and Japanese kimonos, you name it! Today we have plenty of options from high end to more mainstream designers, different types of materials, unique custom detailing, short, long and in between. And I guarantee you’ll wear it.


That feeling of slipping into your silk bathrobe on Saturday mornings, while having a dreamy cup of coffee? The comfortable and sexy feeling one gets, elegant and confident at the same time. Soft fabric caressing your hips, and while you walk kissing your ankles.


That’s probably what makes long, loose dresses so popular. But what if you could turn any outfit into a comfy chic look? Blue jeans and T-shirt paired with sneakers, throw a non-transparent colorful robe on top and run errands all day as a queen in a cape, only changing to stilettos for the evening and adding a couple accessories to highlight the evening look.


sleeveless version for casual island exploring by Skaya Fashion

Go for light fabrics that will run down and create beautiful waves when you move. Play with materials, textures, patterns and details. One of NYBlender’s favorite young designers is DressAddict where simple and unisex styles dominate the collection, yet highlight the careful construction and well thought through design which nearly makes the wearer float like a queen instead of walking.


unisex open long hight jersey cardigan by DressAddict
DressAddict unisex jersey with abstract print worn in NYC for a city walk


Another new comer is Skaya Fashion, now Dubai-based, New York stylist has developed special collection for Ramadan which offers variety of styles, materials and patterns from traditional to modern twists.  Skaya keeps in mind functionality and comfort, all while being mindful of cultural aspects and current fashion trends globally.


Skaya Fashion robe in silk with two tone draping detail for elegant evening looks
it’s all in the details, pleated bell sleeves in this navy sheer cover up by Skaya Fashion


Looking at the latest runways (Lacoste, Burberry, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Band of Outsiders to name just a few), we can definitely expect all variations of robes to conquer the hearts of stylish people and win a solid place in the wardrobe, playing somewhere between perfect accessory and central piece of the look.


from left to right: Band of Outsiders, Balenciaga, Zimmermann, Alexander Wang, Burberry, Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh


by Jana Belugina