Turning passion for classic cars into art and making successful business out of it.

June 13, 2017

To start I must confess that my knowledge and interest in cars is limited by “pretty” or “not pretty”, and only in rare cases it will be “look at that beauty” or “hello, sexy”. So why am I writing this post at all? Because I have discovered a magical place that’s left me breathless and repeating “oh, look at that beauty!” for the whole evening, and I am sure it’s not going to be the last time. Also this experience made me realize that there is nothing that can compare to a perfectly restored vintage car, and no business can succeed without the energy of true passion behind it.


So my fellow car lovers let me introduce you to the new gem of Dubai - Nostalgia Classic Cars Showroom. Founded by vintage cars lover and incredibly positive, former investment banker Mazin M. Al Khatib. Besides the compliment to Mr. Al Khatib, previous sentence hints to the fact that his expertise as an investment professional, will make sure that your investments will succeed as well. I can see the showroom will be a transforming place, from the entry-level dreamer looking for his first car - to the sophisticated collector searching for a solid investment.


Nostalgia is not a plain car dealership, it is an art space. Just imagine - located in the Dubai’s art hub Al Serkal Avenue in Al Quoz, the showroom invites you to absorb the energy of vintage cars and, glitz and glamour of the eras they represent. One can dream in the comfort of a dimmed-lights lounge and library, surrounded by perfectly restored beauties, some of which are aged way back before I was born.


The breathtaking art installation features exquisite and confident 1960s Jaguar E-class, exclusive Mercedes Pagoda, refined Austin Healey and my personal favorite of all - Ford’s AC Cobra - the killer, made for the 1967 Le Mans.



Nostalgia Classic Cars Showroom feeds the soul, and brings a very tangible value to the classic cars owners and dreamers. For the latter, Nostalgia serves as a consultant, educating and luring one into the world of vintage cars, helping to select the one that will only appreciate with time and continue to excite its owner. With a selection of about 100 cars available for sale in its portfolio, Nostalgia has something to offer for every taste and budget, but also giving an option to hunt down extremely rare beauties on request around the World.



Once one got the car into his possession Nostalgia solves the major pains that come with this experience, which its founder has experienced in the beginning of his collector’s career firsthand - maintenance. Spare parts, restoration, complete servicing and all that jazz can be a nightmare unless you have an expert within your reach, and this is what Nostalgia provides - 1000 square meters of one of a kind garage that can accommodate all needs of never aging but only maturing beautiful automobiles.



Vintage car carries a story, legacy and strong cultural image. The extraordinary feeling a vintage car can give to its owner is unparalleled. After all, omitting the question of the cost, everyone can go and buy a luxury car, but imagine buying a classic, the classic that maybe has only hundred left out there in the World, the classic that is not only going to stand in your garage, but can take you for a ride, make heads turn and point fingers, stand out in the crowd, be a unicorn.



Just like other art galleries, Nostalgia regularly showcases its collection. Last one was dedicated to American cars, these are the ones most collectors normally start with. The upcoming exhibit is planned to feature British cars. If you are interested in sharing your passion and getting an experienced advice before making a purchase of one of the oldies, certainly pay a visit to Nostalgia Classic Cars heaven first and speak with its curator and founder Mr. Al Khatib, who lives his dream, and who knows, perhaps might introduce you to yours.


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