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Red, White and Blue in Non-Traditional Ways!

June 28, 2017

Summer, with its warm evenings and everyone's eagerness to be outdoors, calls for celebrations and festivities. In anticipation of the celebration of our Stars and Stripes here are some stylish suggestions from an event planner on how to throw a fashionable feast for a festive occasion in or out doors.

Let’s incorporate the traditional colors of red, white and blue, in different, original ways.


Stick to simple and rustic garden look theme, which is also much easier to clean up after and that is yet another benefit. Uncomplicated brown rustic wrapping paper can be effortlessly transformed into a festive background when mixed well with other colors and small details to create a cozy, welcoming and warm atmosphere to gather and celebrate around.


Here is how to put together a beautifully themed and decorated party in most simplistic and easy to go about ways.



Mason jars are great, and can be used for cocktails or as vases. They could be relatively effortless yet efficient way to accomplish the desired theme and feel of the rustic garden affair. Since we are celebrating 4th of July, get them in blue and clear colors, mix them up.


Make use of that brown packaging paper and a yarn. This will be your placemats, decorative wrapping for cutlery, and stationaries. What goes well with brown? RED! Let's stick some tall roses in vases (preferably wild looking), and voila! Then add WHITE color with some daisies in BLUE mason jars. It will recreate a lawn look at your table.


daisies in mason jars
red roses for red stripes


If you are going for tea lights, use as many as possible and lay them out throughout the table, bar area, pathways. If you are going for larger long lasting candles get them in pairs and place symmetrically on the table and bar area.


lighting sets the mood, candles and string lights bring out the festive spirit



hand written menus make for a perfect personal touch

There are so many options for plating and glassware, multiple styles, materials and to fit any budget. The plastic ware we are going to use in our rustic party won’t be plastic! It will be a palm leaves disposable dinnerware, which is also eco-friendly. Place it on top of brown paper sheet as a placemat and tie a yarn around napkin and cutlery. Use white napkins for bright contrast. If you are hosting a smaller group, go for the classic white porcelain plates with silver utensils.


plating options


We recommend serving crawfish! Get a big bowl with tons of spices, accompanied with grilled corn and potatoes! And for the meat lovers there are endless possibilities of a juicy BBQ, and more traditional dogs and burgers. No one will judge you for the love of meat!



While your guests are mingling with drinks and working up an appetite for the meal, have some snacks for them to nibble on. The more options - the better: choose white cheeses such as mozzarella and feta with crackers for a cheese plate; red bell peppers, cucumber without the skin, cauliflower and cherry tomatoes for a vegetable platter. White truffle popcorn will be a stellar addition to the mix!


mozzarella and tomato is always a crowd pleaser
truffle popcorn


For dessert we can please everyone; those who decided to celebrate by having cake, and others more conscious of their waist line.


Red Velvet Cake was made to celebrate America. It can be in any form - cake, cupcakes, or cookies. Put cherries on top, literally or figuratively.


festive red velvet cake


More diet friendly option can be yogurt parfait cups with fresh fruits all pre-made, or make your guests create their own custom cups. Put bowls of yogurt, fresh strawberries, blueberries, coconut flakes, granola and some jam on the table. This interactive way of presenting food solves the problem of picky eaters. Refreshing popsicles, with rum or without, are easy to make, colorful, fun, and tasty little treats.




Bar settings depend on preferences and the crowd. If your party is expected to start in the afternoon, stick to light booze options. Beer and white wines would go well at the daytime celebration. They will keep your guests refreshed and help avoid getting them hammered too soon. Another option could be a pitcher of blueberry sangria. You can prepare it in a big pitcher and create a self-serve station, hence saving hostess’ time during the party. Iced black tea and lemonade are great non-alcoholic options.


Make the day brighter with colorful ice cubes! It will put a smile on a lot of faces.

lemonade and fruity sangria in mason jars
colored ice cubes for mixed drinks


Continue into the evening with whiskey or rum cocktails. Fresh Whiskey Sour cocktail is an elegant way to enjoy sunset and a warm summer evening. Don’t forget red wine, it may add to your décor as the wine stains get to the brown paper place mats. Who knows maybe you will end up with a piece of art!


grown up cocktails in time for sunset
jello shots



Country Music would suit 4th of July party and your soul well. Start the day time party with mellow and relaxed country music vibes (try Morning Country music channel on Spotify). It creates a warm and welcoming environment for your sober and shy guests at the beginning. As the evening evolves, go into more vibrant country hits.


dance dance dance


For the teamwork activity it is a good idea to do some of the cooking together, such as the boiling of crawfish. It's so much fun to get messy in the process and less work for the hosts! However, not everyone will enjoy the cooking, nope, not pointing at the guys. Men may occupy themselves with cards or enjoy playing outside games to be hungry in time for food!


If you are expecting different groups of people at your party, make sure you bring bonding elements to the table. Create conversations about topics that are familiar and pleasant for everybody. Place cards with US history questions in a big bowl, have people draw cards randomly, and ask who knows the right or the funniest silly answer. You may not learn a lot from history, but people will be amused and laughing at all possible answers your guests may come up with. Avoid tricky questions, simplicity and humor are key in this exercise, nobody gets a PHD here. Prepare a prize for a person who answers the most questions, or is the funniest, and let the group know about the prize in advance, they will be more motivated to participate! Get ideas for fun trivia questions.



Dress comfortably, ready to eat, dance and move around freely. Think jeans and a blouse with comfy shoes. Accessorizing with patriotic colored scarf or jewelry should be a good choice! It is a party, so give your guests a little break from their 9-5 routine suits.



If you would like to take an extra step and make sure everyone will remember you as a great hostess, prepare party favors. It could be something as effortless as a cookie in brown paper pockets. It is the thought that matters!


We hope we made your life a little easier and took the problem of preparation off your to do list! Hit ‘play’ and enjoy the party!



Supplies and Recipes:

by Anastasia @ SIIA Events