LA – the City of Angeles

if only you can see them

June 30, 2017

One’s company can make or break any experience. But it is also the state of your own mind, being fully present in that moment and diving into it wholeheartedly. I’m not sure whether it was the sunny day, blooming flowers, taste of Rosé on my lips, butterflies in my stomach, or simply that feeling they call of falling in love – certainly something magical happened and for the first time I saw a different side of the City of Angels.



Softer and kinder, relaxed and forgiving, warm and welcoming – now these were all new sides of LA to me. Carefully hiding under its superficial façade, LA started to show its soul and depth to me now. I guess it does take a few dates, or a lifetime, to figure one’s character out.  


I wanted to be completely consumed by its sunny warm hugs. Disappear and hide under the city’s shade to cool off and recharge. Wonder aimlessly to fall into a new discovery or adventure. Now I was curious to learn more and understand it better, become one flow of energy.



Everyone, who knows me, will be shocked to see me giving compliments to LA – I’m a known NYC and East coast lover. I have been coming to LA at least four times a year for the last three years, and not even once, was I inspired to pen a few words about the town, that is until now.


No doubt that we are very different and totally clash with our strong alpha personalities. East versus West, Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, who is cooler, more stylish, sophisticated, faster or better? But there is no need for a competition, simply accept one for what they are and go with the flow.  


A few places to note:

The lunch at the Chateau Marmont was lovely with plenty of opportunity for people watching. Chic and cool atmosphere and crowd, with unassuming simplicity makes this a perfect hideaway within an already movie set like city. I wish I could make the time stand still to hold on to this feeling for just a little bit longer.




Mondrian's Sky Deck poolside bar has amazing views from atop of the hill. Swing by during the day to enjoy the sprawling LA underneath you, or in the evening to schmooze with locals over cocktails under the stars.

Cecconi's is sophisticated and bold with a stylish crowd to match.  Innovative design stores on North Robertson Blvd bring the new and unexpected like the H. Lorenzo boutique, and tried classics like Tamara Mellon’s custom made designs. Cozy Ivy looks like another movie set, bursting with colorful roses everywhere, this is a great place for a girly bubbly brunch or dinner. The Matsuhisa, where it all began for Nobu, is now the well renowned global restaurant. Casual gem – New Port Seafood is a must for Asian inspired lobster dishes, and other seafood specialties. Afternoon tea at the Peninsula Beverly Hills is the epitome of class. And don’t forget to find time to relax in the spa or by the pool; for quiet quality time do Peninsula, for party and character scene do SLS Hotel.