Vacation with the Sea

Yalos Beach, Santorini, Greece

July 05, 2017

Loud and obnoxious waves crashing at my feet with the backdrop of black sand is exactly what I needed on this trip to rest my mind and my soul. Perfection. I love the smell of seawater, cooling wind, wine, cigarette ... I almost feel Hemingwayan, typing this up as I lay here on the day bed with my iPad.

Simple, rustic look of this waterfront establishment, friendly and accommodating staff, fresh seafood prepared to order, good selection of locals wines, and simple serenity of nature - the ultimate relaxation for the insatiable thirst of my soul for life and adventure.


Yalos Santorini

I forgot the importance of slowing down, even if it is for a few hours, the committed and unobstructed time out for me.

I am certain that I am not one of the easiest people to please or satisfy. I, myself, try to stick to high professional ethics and expect nothing less from others. There have been a few things that went awry during this short visit to Santorini, but the Yalos beach might have just resurrected Santorini and all the mishaps that went along.

Don't forget to build in time for yourself, whether it is on Santorini or simply a few hours a week when at home dedicated for you. No guilt, no regrets, relax, enjoy, and recharge. Then get back on that horse to take over the World!