Wearable Art

One of a Kind T-shirt

July 13, 2017

Let’s talk about the basics of any wardrobe - the white T-shirt. I am, personally, always on a hunt for a perfect white tee wherever I’m in the world, and have lost count of how many I own. Nothing is more timeless than a white cotton T-shirt paired with perfectly fit blue jeans, or sequin mini skirt and a pair of heels, or even a business suit for a dressed-down look, translating into “yeah, I am confident enough to pull this off”.


Being fond of clean design and solid colors, namely white, I used to never consider a T-shirt with a print. Well, never say never, as it hit me when I discovered the work of an artist and now also a designer of colorful and art inspired tees - Julia Pavlova and her brand “byjcolor”.



Julia refers to white T-shirt as a second skin, and sees it as a symbol of freedom. Having graduated from an arts school, she has been painting all her life, however working in fashion gave her the idea to do something unique with her artistic skills. Her paintings are bright and happy, clean colors applied in distinctive brushstrokes that project the feeling of life and celebration. The subject of paintings is quite random and this is what makes them unique. There is no story and at the same time you can spend hours inventing one around each piece. Like painting with a fish on a fork, gives you whole range of questions from why, what and where? Love it! This is how the idea of transferring Julia’s art works from canvas to white T-shirts emerged!



Quality, basic wardrobe piece, the staple of most looks, well-fitting and comfortable tee with an artsy twist. The vibrancy of colors, emotions, self-expressionism. Easily paired with any wardrobe piece from casual outings to fancy cocktail affairs, or adding a funky twist to the office look - artsy tee gives endless and most unexpected possibilities to wear it. I can’t wait to put on a t-shirt with a cat or a fish under the jacket to one of the business meetings and reveal it at puzzling moments.



Real fans can purchase the painting itself and pose in front of it with matching one on the chest. The application technique is called soaking color into fabric, which ensures that the paint is fully absorbed into the fabric of the t-shirt, so it stays put regardless how many times you wash it.

Ah, we definitely cannot wait to open our online store and make designs most dear to our heart easily available to you.



by Jana Belugina