The Games We Play

“Concentrate. Play the game and don’t be afraid to win.” Amy Alcott

July 21, 2017

Do you like games as much as I do? I don’t mean table or video games. I mean real games without any set of rules, which makes them most fascinating. Sometimes you start the game or you get involved in someone else’s and just play along, and at times maybe even get stronger to impose your own rules. Occasionally the game is so tempting and irresistibly sweet that one will pretend to follow made up rules just to be part of this tantalizing dance. Other times it may get dirty and someone can get stained, or it may turn out to be unexpectedly rewarding. You never know from the beginning which scenario it is or how it will play out, but if you dare, it is an exciting experience.



I respect people who know how to play and get the enjoyment. After all I think most of us are playing nowadays. Some dress to impress, some manipulate their public image with social media, others play in good parents and trustworthy friends. Numerous personal blogs, Instagram accounts, Tinder dates and list goes on, these are just a few playgrounds today's generation is choosing.


Is it a weakness or strength? From my personal observations and approaching this question in black and white, people can be divided into two groups.


First are those who play without realizing it, just because they haven’t succeeded as a personality yet, or just because they are bored and trying to spice up the life. Their games are normally limited with sparkling Instagram accounts full of popular hashtags to gather audience they are not sure themselves what they need for. Along with occasional Tinder dates over the holiday, where they can pretend to be whomever else. They play for a simple reward. To get popular in their hometown, get promoted for the sake of higher salary, get laid as many times they can.



The second group is of individuals that know exactly what they want. Content with their life, career and not giving much fudge about someone else’s preconceived “correct” social image. For minor exceptions of the cases where one’s image may affect their professional growth. They play slowly, enjoying every step, no rush, no emotional outbursts. They are sophisticated players, executives of mind games, the ultimate winners.


There is no epitome target at the end, only the pleasure of playing. If it is career driven then they play to grow, because they know exactly where they want to be. If it is social media then they simply share something they find cool not thinking about extra two followers or a hashtag #ootd will bring. And if it is an intimate game these people play, then it's never just for easy sex.


It gets especially interesting when two likeminded people meet. It is an intellectual masterpiece, flawless, hardly ever ending dance of two strong personalities. Step by step, word by word a breathtaking story to remember evolves.



What is interesting, it is never a combination of two types of players, they just don’t mix well. Because while first are about pretending to be something they are not, the latter actually live their lives this way. This is a specific set of mind which is not directed to harm, but to get to their own personal goals. Selfish - yes, destructive - no.


After all, as I always said “a player can never be outplayed”, every party will benefit in one way or another as long as they accept the rules of the engagement. So steady, ready, go. What will be your game?



by Jana Belugina