The Illuminati Ball

Evening with the Animal Kingship

August 08, 2017

Once I read a couple of articles about this immersive dinner experience, immediately I wanted to go! Pictures on a website were funky and looked interesting, but there was no pictures from real people who attended the event, since no cell phones or cameras were allowed.



The dress code section said “extravagant”. You can't even imagine how many options I went through to determine what "extravagant" is. I have always loved to dress up, so naturally I got a crown, tulle skirt and off the shoulder top, which I’ve been planning to wear for a while now. My look was set, heels ready and I was super excited!



The meeting location was set on the UES. The arranged transportation was to leave at a designated time, but barely made it on time. I guess the crown really slowed me down. Aa big party bus for 30 people was to whisk us away to a secret location one hour and fifteen minutes away from the city (shocking for NYC residents). I’ll admit, I got nervous over the distance we needed to travel, and being trapped on a bus with people I don't know.


So who made that night’s crowd? Most were couples, with ladies wearing fashionable evening gowns and men dressed in tuxedos. There was a large group of friends celebrating a birthday. Others were merely curious of what this adventure is about and whether this is a new trendy “experience” hitting the Big Apple night scene. Chatting with an older gentleman, who was sitting by himself, I learned he was there with a few colleagues. Some prepared for the night way in advance, and others purchased tickets on that very same day. I did not get a sense that this entire group was on the same mission, everyone had their own expectations and varying levels of enthusiasm: seeking something new or different, romantic date or simply to party.



However, as soon as the bus took off, we all got engaged in conversation as magical hands of an illusionist were entertaining us along the way. I haven't seen the promised champagne, but instead we got bottles of water for refreshment. As for the snacks, we were offered cucumber sandwiches. I did not try them, since I am not a big fan of those. But tell me who is?! Most of the people followed in my example and skipped it.

Our phones got collected towards the end of the ride and, with our hands and thoughts naked, we disembarked. As we approached our destination, I saw an interesting cottage style manor with people in surreal masks waiting for us outside. We were greeted by actors in their "naked" bodies performing a sensual dance. Then everyone was let inside for further festivities. Guests were offered to wear mystical masks. Some of them were hats with flowers, some had horns, others unclear creations of the artistic fantasies.



The dinner began. There was a speech about choosing one of us and inviting to illuminati event, that is, if we deserve it. Acrobats were floating in the air and live music with singing filled the atmosphere. The first course we ate blindfolded. It was a fig, in some kind of a sauce, but I thought it was supposed to be a dessert. Right after the first course we got taken away by table leaders: a cow, monkey, pig or a bird. I was part of the cow table group and got taken to the bathroom where our leader easily jumped into a bath naked. She invited other people to join her, but since we only had our first round of drinks, only one brave gentleman voluntarily got undressed and jumped in. Quickly we realized that both, him and I, live in the same neighborhood - now we hoped not to bump into each other in daylight.



Soon after we were led back to the dinner table. The pace of the entire evening was pretty fast, but felt right. We had tons of time to enjoy the entertainment and indulge in the food. Between every course served (there were 7 in total) we had programmed dancing, singing and theatrical immersing experiences. It was certainly erotic and provocative. Sometimes I was wondering if some of the guests were also actors, but maybe those unlimited cocktails and wine got the brain foggy and turned off any shyness away.



I glanced around the room to see what others were doing. It felt like standing in line of a roller coaster, you are not sure how scary it will be, but you know something exciting is about to happen. The feeling of unknown, the anticipation. I felt that energy of intrigue, like a blind date.



By the fifth course everyone noticed that all of the servings were plant based and I needed some meat. We were promised a duck for the main course, which kind of helped to relax and not think about food. Sadly I could not find the duck on that main entree. We went on to the back yard for dancing and then joined a boat ride with a mermaid. Some of the guests went swimming in the lake. Yes, the house was on the lake! I would've joined that group of adventurers, but was too concerned with ruining my makeup, hair and the dress. I enjoyed watching others swimming freely in the darkness. Shots were served, people were getting rowdy.



I was super excited about the dessert, since I was still hungry after all these greens being served. I even skipped some of the courses, and that is so not me, but I just couldn't chew on the salad anymore. For dessert we got panna cotta, which was a small portion, too small. I was still hungry.


The Cow lobbied the audience that an animal should not be killed, hence eaten. Suddenly a huge pig showed up, and I started to wonder if for the culmination we will roast it?! Unfortunately, my wish was not granted. The kingship proclaimed that animals (people) cannot eat animals. This is the reason why we were served vegetarian cuisine. I loved the idea, but not the reality of it. The mission of the event was great, however my stomach could not agree on the same. I am certainly not pro animal killing, but the taste of meat changes this idea sometimes. For full disclosure, I did go to a steakhouse to have the forbidden “apple” after the party.



During the ride back to the city, the “party” muse was dancing on the bus poles and tried to engage others in the show. Not my favorite role to be a party pooper, but I had to say no. In all honesty, even loud music could not prevent me from falling asleep, and most of the people were snoozing as well. I did not exchange any contact information with any guests, and we all went on our own ways. Mine was to a steakhouse.



I left with a sound feeling of something magical and unknown. The entire experience certainly gave me room for imagination and innovative creative ideas for my own events. It was a great combination of art, performing theater, live music and entrapment in a night of unpredictable, sexy and fun interactions.

Would I recommend attending the Illuminati Ball? 100 percent - just don't go hungry, unless you are a vegetarian!


by Anastasia @SIIA Events