The Daily Addiction

And other Coffee rituals

August 10, 2017

Can you imagine a morning without the aroma of fresh coffee? We at NYBlender cannot, at least if we are talking about the good morning. Simply inspired by our strong passion for liquid caffeine intake here is a summary of our favorite flavors and all sorts of forms of it.


Let's start with Turkish coffee, which has something sentimental to me in it’s process. I remember how my father was teaching me to make a perfect cup of coffee when I was just a little girl. The process starts with grounding fresh coffee beans (recently addicted to Jordanian ones), then mixing in a bit of sugar in a coffee pot (depending on the level of sweetness - I normally go with two teaspoons of coffee and one of sugar), followed by adding cold water and letting it simmer on fire (remember not to let it boil). Served with a date and a good book - it is a timeless recipe.



Another variation is Arabic coffee, which is similar in preparation to the Turkish coffee, but uses cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and sometimes saffron mix to bring up the flavor.


Remember the rule of thumb when creating your coffee blend - the finer grounding the stronger and more aromatic coffee will be. Medium and stronger roasts mean more bitter taste. Playing with different tastes of coffee beans, grind levels, and spices will give you endless variations of your favorite drink, and turn it into a very cherished ritual.



Modern and easiest approach that allows to experiment with multiple coffee blends is certainly - Nespresso. The company is constantly surprising us with new tastes in their limited editions blends. Last Christmas resulted in my favorite of all times - Apple Strudel, that I have stocked for what I thought would be enough for a year, but ran out by the end of spring. Summer of 2017 pleased me again with two new tastes of iced coffee options which ended being pure perfection when mixed with cold almond milk and served over ice cubes.


Speaking of milk in the coffee - there are so many options, but my personal preference is - soy milk in hot beverages, and almond in cold. So it will be soya cappuccino or latte, since it is naturally sweet, and almond macchiato for long iced coffee.



Other favorites from Nespresso are sweet and smooth Dulsao do Brasil with marshmallows, exceptionally intense blend of Kazaar with a hint of chilli is divine when accompanied with dark chocolate (which seems to be a frontrunner favorite among girls here at NYBlender), or Caramellito with bananas and strawberries.



Let’s explore some excellent pairings - the classic cream liqueurs like Bailey's or the Godiva coffee liqueur are ideal for an Irish coffee at a shopping break with girls. The dark rich rum or cognac is excellent with a cup of espresso for a kick after a long day. Cappuccino is superb when paired with Nocino to replace a dessert at the end of a meal.



One of the most memorable pairings I have ever had was on one of the Borromean Islands in Italy, on lake Maggiore Isola Bella at the Elvezia restaurant, their home made creamy limoncello, which is worth the trip on its own, was celestial compliment to the coffee served.



Another praise to Nespresso (and no, this is not an add for them) is their decaffeinated coffee selection, since I am trying to drink only one strong coffee a day and do not believe much in the energizing powers of one. However, if I want a coffee taste throughout the day, I’d go for decaf, especially now when my favorite, woody and floral, rich and subtle at the same time Vivalto Lungo is available in the decaf option as well.



There is so much research advising on both drinking and not drinking coffee. We believe everything is great in moderation, as balance in life is generally key. If you are a coffee lover, as we are here at NYBlender, enjoy and drink up, make your best pairings, and share with us your discovered tasty recipes.



by Jana Belugina