You deserve to be the Queen,

and every Queen needs a Hot Servant!

August 30, 2017

What a brilliant idea of a HOT looking manservant just for YOU! Good looking, sexy and makes Your every wish come true on demand – Bring it On!


I came across this website and service randomly and was very intrigued. The site looks professional and legit and has a great idea on how to spice up a girls’ day or night without being cheesy by bringing in a stripper / go go dancer into the mix. Immediately my reaction was that I want one! No, make it TWO! Hhhmmm THREE is better!


Fabulous way to spend a day by the pool with your girlfriends all while being taken care of by a handsome man in suit and bow tie. No need to ask a stranger to snap pictures of you and your girlies. No need to go to refill a drink. Dancing hands free of your clutches! Or a pool boy anyone?



Now what really happened:


One of my closest friends was getting married and we wanted to throw a few events to celebrate her departure from singletown … One of them was hosted at the Dream Hotel Downtown (NYC) on a sunny Sunday afternoon pool party.


We got one manservant for 7 girls in a cabana. He showed up as a surprise for the bride-to-be with a large bouquet of red roses (we arranged), jacket and bow tie, but no pants … he was wearing shorts! I get it – it's hot humid summer day in New York, but this is not as advertised. That was a bit disappointing, however forgiven. Yes he was a model! Yes he was hot! Yes he was fit! After having him change into bathing suit, we made sure he was working full time by applying sunscreen on girls, making and bringing cool cocktails, giving shoulder massages, and being a pool floaty device dragging lazy girls around in the pool.



The young man was very kind and respectful, professional in his duties and very obedient. Of course you must act like a lady yourself and I’m sure everyone will have fun!


I would suggest thinking of a few things to do or games to play, especially if girls get shy or timid, that would make things flow more naturally. We had fun with temporary tattoos which were picked by girls but the manservant had to pick where they go on the body and apply. All and all it was a fun day with great looking guy at our service! Needless to say we had plenty of attention but all in good cause and with positive energy.



I hope the company will grow to reach other markets, I’d be glad to book one in Miami for a long weekend with my girls, or to get a ManServant for a day on the boat. Also I think this would be in great demand out East in the Hamptons … where Ladies are soaking under the bright sun and in so much need to be cooled off with iced cocktail, shaded with umbrellas, protected with sunscreen, taken their picture and most importantly bring back to the house all the chairs and other props girls need on the beach. Hope my ladies enjoy their ManServants in the most fun, respectful and safe ways wherever they are! Because no one should be denied fun ways to celebrate the summer!



Fingers crossed ManServant expands by the next season with a big team of good looking gentlemen out here on the East Coast, providing an extra hand helping us young professional women on a steamy hot summer days, or just because we deserve!