One Picture

Worth a Thousand Words

September 20, 2017

“Our life is not measured by the number of times that your heart beats; it is being measured by the number of heart-stopping moments, the moments that we will never forget.” – Dale Marcovitz, Tiffany’s Tour Guide


Today we are constantly on a move, in high paced environments, going through our lives documenting everything – most commonly with a photograph. A photo - a single moment in time, capturing a feeling, an item, a place, anything really – will last forever (in our digital era) and will be shared and glanced at much more often than old fashioned printed pictures.


Photographs help us hold on to a memory, share it with family and friends, and now even make far away relatives/friends feel included and part of one’s life. It is a scientific fact that a photograph can trigger an old memory and recall a precise moment in time much more rapidly than words or smell, because our brains are very efficient at storing the “essence” of a picture, capturing not just the subject but specific emotional and visual qualities.



We' ve got many inquiries on our blog posts and people are curious and want to learn more about our travels and experiences. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to include all of the photos in one blog post, but we partnered up with to create a sharable digital photo album portfolio to be able to share more of our experiences with you. Now we are happy to announce that not only we have a Facebook page, Instagram account, but also portfolio to browse through (its that cute ❤ button, which stands for made with love). is a new service that allows one to create beautiful photo albums in minutes and share digitally with loved ones without sacrificing the quality or the format of the album. The owner of the album is in full control of design, look and feel of their pictures, and has capabilities to add a soundtrack to slide show and blow it out onto a big screen TV for an immersive viewing experience.



The connection between human memory and a photograph we take is absolute. Photos serve as memory triggers of what, where and when. When we look at photos we stimulate immense memory recall bringing up associated emotions that go along those events. This is why we generally get very emotional when we look at wedding pictures taken years ago, get a wide grin looking at those late-night debauchery black mail shots, or that “ooohhh how cute” moment looking at baby pictures.



Between exotic trips, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and weddings, there are so many more important moments in between that we create and want to share. I really feel that this user-friendly photo service is a new solution for a modern day global citizen.


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