72 Hour Party in Dubai

Where and When to Go and How to Survive the Heat NYBlender way

September 25, 2017

If Miami and Las Vegas had a baby … that would be Dubai! Stretching along white sand beaches, blue waters, palm trees, and most innovative and architecturally progressing high-rises … this modern man made marvel also boasts an outlandish party scene of which both Miami and Vegas can be envious.


Naturally, we thought what would be the best place to do our very first NYBlender family meet and greet - Dubai.  Here is how it all went down, the amazing people we met and how to ultimately survive such mayhem.


Let’s start with getting there: there are four easy direct flights from NYC to Dubai via Emirates. Take something to help you sleep, you’ll need all the energy you can get, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (see our tips on taking long haul flights in the Lifestyle section posted earlier).


The arrival is early, perfectly timed for breakfast and mimosas at our local home in Downtown Dubai. ‘Fresh of the boat’ I feel the heat warming up my bones, while cooling in the shade on the balcony with perfect views of Burj Khaliffa, I’m sipping welcoming mimosa and it starts to sink in that I have ‘arrived’. Without wasting too much time the executive decision is made to go on to the beach and continue all business development brainstorming out in the fresh air and warm waters.


rocking our favorite sunnies – RayBan, Gucci, Illisteva

So we head out to the Cove Beach, situated on Jumeraih right next to the 7-star hotel Burj-Al Arab. Bikinis, drinks, music, blue warm water – perfection! Get your crowd, cabana, refreshing drink and some snacks and you are all set for a wonderful time in the sun!

Cove Beach cabana life with SkyaFashion designer Anastasia

We continue on and take our party out for dinner to the Buddha Bar Dubai. Trendy restaurant and buzzing bar / lounge are full and very happening. Great menu and creative drink list satisfy every craving. The music picks up a notch after dinner and the atmosphere becomes a vibrant dance party. We had all the intention of taking it easy that night, but the after party did take place at a private residence and the pool …

ultimate trifecta – Brunette, Blonde, and Redhead @Buddha Bar
NYBlender loves the funky shoe – Prada/Puma pair up
NYBlender creative family and friends @Buddha Bar

Next morning after a healthy breakfast it was decided to continue meetings outdoors, so we ventured out to Nikki Beach Resorts Dubai. World renowned party venue did not disappoint. Here in Dubai, Nikki Beach conveniently has its own hotel with spacious and modern rooms facing blue water and beach, full five star amenities, luscious robes and bedding to crash after the day in the sun. The Party is complete with DJs, cabanas, full menu and bottle service, multiple pools and a private beach is at your full disposal. Quickly changing into bathing suits we got cozy on the poolside bed, sipping chilled rose and snacking on sushi rolls all while working on the perfect tan, multitasking can be a tough job to do.

NYBlender is ready for pool party with #1 accessory – red lips by Armani
many thanks to my amazing brother Vadim and the VIP concierge service for excellent company and all arrangements
as sunset crawls in we got to get to our next event

With a quick ride to our home base, refreshment, and a change of outfit we are ready to move on to our evening itinerary.

riding home, what an incredible sky line
home base with a view – Burj Khaliffa and Veuve Clicquot
wheels keep on moving, but the red lip is here to stay

The dinner at The Weslodge Saloon at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai hotel on the 68th floor is sprawling! The table is rich not just with immaculately prepared dishes, but with the extraordinary group of guests. Warm and open, the most international group of people gathered that evening from across the Globe, spanning multiple continents, cultures, and generations. The Gumball 3000 reunion dinner party brought together true remarkable individuals including car collectors and lovers, restaurateurs, start up visionaries, creative and generally simply beautiful minds. We are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to do what we do and meet these interesting characters, their visions, and ultimately make the introduction to You, our readers. Of course the evening did not end there and the party moved on to a newly opened outdoor night club – Base.

Base Night Club

Base Night Club Shenanigans

Next day we start with proper brunch at Atmosphere at the Burj Khaliffa on 123rd floor. This is an elegant and well graced establishment. We go for the mimosas in the sky!

The Burj Khaliffa
Mimosas in the Sky at the Atmosphere
did we mention we are obsessed with mixing high end fashion with the likes of Zara finds  

Moving on to another meeting with the one and only night life taste maker and influencer Vadim, the, brother and just all around great guy, to the Burj Al Arab. Who is better to advise us than family? I’m so lucky to have a brother with whom I can not only share these life experiences, but also get an honest advice, support and expert opinion from.  We stick to the penguins’ motto:  “Never swim alone! Never leave a man behind!”  

moving around in style

Closing affair dinner at the Hashi restaurant at the Armani Hotel, Downtown Dubai, with unobstructed views of the largest in the World singing fountain.  Sheer perfection!

And of course closing action before we board the plane (literary) at the Provocateur Dubai.

fighting for love, spreading peace


As the warm breeze caresses our faces and it’s that sad time to say goodbye, hugs and kisses are exchanged and I jump in the car to make my flight. Changing into flats in the car and running through busy terminal, I barely make the boarding. Changed into cozy pajamas, seated and under the blanket I quickly pass out before the take off. The last few days were incredible, and that was made possible only with the family and friends of NYBlender.