New York Broadway Shows

Cultural Craze In the Heart of Manhattan

October 04, 2017

There is something absolutely unique about New York City and its abundance of theaters with enormous variety of performances. Six nights a week you can go and see a different show, from on Broadway musicals and celebrity name featured theater productions, to a small off-Broadway sets with more experimental works, or go for an opera or ballet at the Lincoln Center. There is plenty to choose from for any taste: drama, comedy, thriller, or burlesque. Some are for kids and others are for adults only.


I personally prefer a well put together play, some of my very favorites that I’ve seen were: the Present with Cate Blanchett, the Blackbird with Michelle Williams, Fish in the Dark with Larry David, Speed the Plow with Jeremy Piven just to name a few. There are also the classic Broadway musicals like Mamma Mia, Annie, and the latest addition the Hamilton.



The dedication and talent embodied by the stage never stops to amaze me. Not only does it require tremendous performers’ stamina to come out and perform rain or shine six nights a week, but also consider how draining the exchange of energy with live audience can be. Live theater, up-close and personal, can be an intense experience. Full of rigor, and minor chance for improvisations, performances run remarkably well, capturing all details and precision night after night.



You may be surprised to learn that NYC did not have significant theater presence till mid-1800s, and it wasn’t till early 1900s that Broadway moved north to Midtown where the Theater District currently is as we know it today. Over the course of a century, talented people have been entertaining the audience from the stage exposing their vulnerability as actors, letting us in on the craft, and behind the theater curtain. Broadway is absolutely marvelous experience to see the art of acting at its best in close proximity.


So go online, pick a show, get your tickets, hop in a yellow cab and see it for your own eyes … and don’t forget about those after show drinks to digest and reflect.



Here is a shortlist for some openings for 2017/18 Theater Season:


JUNK, a play inspired by real junk bond kings of the 1980’s and how the money became the only thing that mattered.

M. Butterfly with Clive Owen is a love story fused with international espionage, betrayal and deceit. Based on real life story.

Meteor Shower with Amy Schumer in Steve Martin’s comedy.

The Parisian Woman with Uma Thurman in this political comedy.

The Iceman Cometh dark and poetic drama with Denzel Washington.