The Classic Sparkle

A Must have - diamond stud earrings

October 19, 2017

Every girl arrives to the point in life when she feels the desire to start her own fine jewelry collection. Putting aside that special diamond solitaire ring, which calls for a celebration of another kind, the base of collection most certainly should be the diamond stud earrings.


A pair of classic earrings is an important and iconic piece of any wardrobe. It is perhaps the most simple, yet elegant and versatile statement making piece of jewelry at the same time. Diamond studs are timeless accessory that can be worn both day and night, and easily paired with any outfit from business suit to evening dress to yoga wear.



When it comes to choosing the diamond, nowadays everyone is greatly educated on the 4 C’s and how to take these into account. Nevertheless shopping for a perfect pair of outstanding diamond stud earrings can still be overwhelming. Been there and done that. So to make your experience much easier I have prepared this quick checklist to follow and get the best quality-price bargain.



Cut is the King. It is the excellent cut of the diamond that makes it sparkle and reflect the light with disco-ball like dazzling shower. While the clarity and color can be slightly compromised, never agree to lower quality of the cut. Go for a round or square shape (Round or Princess cut respectively), keeping in mind that smaller stones look better round and square ones need to be slightly larger in size to reflect as much light as the round shaped diamonds. Also unlike pear or heart shaped cut diamonds, the round cut is easier to find in identical pair, that is why this cut is most commonly used for earrings. So Round, Princess, Asscher or a Cushion cut are your best friends on the journey for the perfect diamond stud earrings.



Unless specifically desired, there is no need to spend extra couple of thousands on D-F colored stones, because G-H color rated diamonds will appear as flawless when mounted, keep that in mind.


With earrings shining in your ears there is also no need to go higher than “eye-clean” clarity that technically means that there are no flaws on the stones that can be spotted by a naked eye without magnifying glass, so VS should be your target.



Carats or the size is something to consider carefully when choosing perfect studs. Unlike the solitaire ring where the bigger the better, when it comes to earrings this is not a strategy to take. Depending on your earlobes size and shape go between 0.3 to 0.7 carats for each ear, anything below 0.3 will be lost between your hair and above 0.7 will look too heavy, and instead of elegant classic look will be too flashy.


When shopping for diamonds be careful with online websites, unless they sell stones with reliable certification. Each stone must have GIA certificate. Hint - you can always check that certificate belongs to the stone by comparing its number with the number engraved on the edge of the stone itself (you will need x10 magnifying glass for this). Also, if buying already set earrings, keep in mind that “total carat weight” stands for both stones, thus in order to understand how big each stone is, just divide by two.



When you have chosen your stones, there are two other things to consider: the setting and back closure. Design of aforementioned will express your personal style. 


There is plenty of setting options to choose from to showcase the diamond that can vary from most minimalistic, like the three-prong mounting, to fancy interlaced basket. For smaller diamonds the halo setting is a good option. 


The earring closures, or the back, have two options to choose from - simple push backs or the screws. It is a matter of personal choice, but keep in mind that screw-backs are always thicker in diameter, however this is fully compensated by the security it provides of not losing your precious earrings due to a simple fall out when you are shopping for new turtleneck sweater.



Lastly, you are probably expecting some brand suggestions. To be honest, having a background in jewelry sales, I understand that most diamonds are coming from the same mines, so I personally prefer to shop for the stones separately from a reliable agent , where there is no additional mark up for the brand name. Added-value of the brand will be the actual design and quality of the setting, here you need to shop around based on your budget and taste. I got mine from Hearts Fine Jewelry, personal jewelry agent that has been my go-to consultant for all fine jewelry for many years, and the cuteness of their heart-shaped earring back closures is unbeatable.



by Jana Belugina