RIP push-up bra

You get what you see

November 10, 2017

Recently going through my closet, I have realized I no longer own a single push-up bra. Nor do I own an impressive full décolleté, just a cozy B cup. Few WhatsApp chats with my girls later, and we have discovered that push-up bras have left our wardrobes for good and not even planning to return. But the question “why?” still remained.


Some may remember first Wonderbra campaign, featuring Eva Herzigova packing those babies almost up to her chin. Roadside posters had to be hastily removed as they were causing accidents. That was the boom of the push-up bra era.



Small sized girls were in heaven, buying those bras in bulk and wearing them even to bed. Their physically more gifted by nature counterparts envied the first ones because larger sizes were not available in a push-up bra. Oh, those dark corners of the woman’s mind and it’s never ending search of perfection.


Men were fascinated by the ads, puzzled by real life situations of the before and after look and experience, but eventually came to accept it as a given and a part of notoriously illogical female reasoning.


Fashion was playing along, promoting the image of hyper sexy woman who is to make the most out of her “assets”. At the time it seemed this highly objectified epidemic is going to last forever.


Well, fashion trends are constantly changing, as well as the trends for women’s body types. In the last five years fashion has become more intellectual. Simple, clean cuts, less naked skin, more of confident smart look.  Today’s woman is no longer pushed to promote her sexuality, she is no longer an object, but instead opts for confidence and personality, and the rest of the world is very comfortable with that.




Even lingerie ads are no longer the same, recent campaign of Intimissimi is called “Inside Out” and features fully dressed Irina Shayk and Dakota Johnson, shot by Mario Testino himself, and aimed at “conveying the sensuality, confidence and courage of every woman, without exposing their bodies”.




Comfort, soft lines and sensuality is what I look for in my bra now. Laces and silk - yes, wires and pads - never. Girls out there are playing with textures choosing those that feel best to their skin, while men are celebrating the feel of what you see is what you get.




by Jana Belugina