Going Green!

Little steps to take for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

January 16, 2018

A New Year is always suggesting for some new resolutions and challenges to incorporate into one’s life. I have started “going green” a little while ago, but this year it finally seems to be shaping up into a real lifestyle that I am planning to promote more and more.


A lot of talk is happening about global warming, saving the planet, living more sustainably and being environment-friendly, but what does it really mean? How can an ordinary human contribute to the planet without too much hassle or dramatic changes in the routine?


Start with something as simple as drinking water. Appreciate tap water, it is good in most countries. If unsure of the cleanliness of pipes or quality of water, like the issue we have in Dubai, install a tap water filter. I am choosing the Liquid of Life filters, which also reduces my spending on drinkable water at least in half.



Get yourself a cool steel refillable bottle that you can carry around, my favorite is from Chillys Bottles, proven to keep my water cold even after full day out at the sun.



Another simple improvement is coffee. Stop doing takeaways, which always mean extra cup and plastic lid going to waste, make your coffee at home or in the office. Get yourself a trendy tumbler or a mug to make a statement, after all, wouldn't it set apart your Instagram feed?


If you are a fan of Nespresso as I am, make sure you are recycling used capsules. Simply ask a sales rep when you are next time in the shop for a recycling bag, and make a nice gesture to our planet with not much effort at all. P.S. Nespresso is giving out some cute gifts every now and then to active recyclers.



Next natural step up on the environmentalist ladder will be reducing the use of plastic. Just think about this - every piece of plastic ever produced is still on our planet, as it takes more than 700 years to decompose. Seven hundred! Not even mentioning that plastic polluting the oceans and rivers, affecting the fish and sea life, who digest it and carry it onto our plates.


And the tiny cute turtles? Poor little things choke up on the plastic straws that are so often disposed into open waters. Just make a mental note of that and drink directly out of the glass, or switch to more environmentally friendly paper or reusable stainless steel straws.



Same goes to the silly and super ugly, yet popular plastic grocery bags. A proper textile shopping bag is way more convenient to load with stuff, carry around and can add an interesting twist to the whole look. Get a few and keep them in your purse, car, and home at easy reach.


And do not pack fruits and veggies into those small plastic bags, as well as avoid buying ones that have been pre packaged and wrapped up into plastic film. By the way, fresh fruits will stay fresh much longer if they are not suffocating in the plastic.


Pretty obvious, but let's repeat here - if there is an option, always go for locally-grown, organic products. Those will mean less transportation and as a result pollution, less chemicals to keep them fresh and usually better in taste as well. And since you are grocery shopping for healthy foods with your new, cute shopping bag this is great motivation to work more on home-cooked meals, instead of ordering take out, which comes in plastic containers with single-use cutlery (I refuse it wherever I can). Upgrade to linen or cotton dinner napkins instead of the paper ones, those will look more elegant on your dinner table, and are way more environmentally friendly.


Also I strongly support garbage recycling. Every building nowadays provides an option for basic separation of plastic, glass and paper. Start sorting your waste today and feel good about fresher air and cleaner seas in years to come. After all, small steps do matter.



Simple replacement of your plastic toothbrush with a cutest bamboo one, like Humble Brush, will help saving our planet from tons of disposable plastic every year and create a way cooler bathroom shelf. I have also replaced all plastic-packaged body creams for compact, yet more powerful glass bottles with coconut oil.



Not so simple, but very substantial trend of electric cars is an absolute bliss for those who care. I work for a company that has chosen to go fully electric on company cars and supporting its employees to buy electric vehicles for personal use as well, and I cannot say enough about how happy I am about it. Now every reputable car manufacturer offers an electric model, so there are plenty of options to choose from on the market, whether you prefer a luxury Tesla or a more democratic Zoe.



As I see it, no revolution is needed and everyone can make small adjustments to their lifestyle while all together making a big impact. Just like giving a smile to a random person makes you feel good and improves your day, think of it as giving a smile to the planet and she will definitely smile back.



by Jana Belugina