We are One Year Old!

Whoop whoop or the first blog anniversary.

January 26, 2018

So exactly a year ago on January 26th we have launched NYBLender blog with the very first post on Hong Kong. Obviously the idea came long before and we have been sleeping on it, testing the waters in writing, and gathering ideas. This has been an exciting project so far and we have huge plans on how to conquer the world! We have been sharing with our readers everything that is close to our own hearts from travel and food, being crazy travel junkies and foodies ourselves, raising topics on relationships and sustainability (yes we do drink our cocktails today through paper straws), fashion choices and glamourous events, art picks and even manners.


We’ve been a bit shy, which is not usual in our real lives, to introduce ourselves to our readers, but today seems as a perfect day to come out and make introductions, so here we are - meet our NYBlender Team!



Marina the Founder @nyblender - the true New Yorker, who navigates well in the illiquid waters of finance. She treats the World as her oyster, and values integrity and intelligent conversation. Has talent to smell and find the unicorns. Young collector of modern art, and a keen theater buff. Life loving dirty blond, fighting for love and spreading peace.



Jana aka @gingit13 - With solid education in Business and Law, Jana enjoys a successful career in IT sector. Frequent around-the-world hopper, fitness and yoga addict, passionate about healthy eating and cooking, and CHILLED champagne!


Jana has cooperated with several fashion and jewelry brands as well as art establishments and lifestyle editorials as a copywriter and marketing specialist.


Can’t survive without her Instagram, lemon water and 5 minutes-a-day complaining sessions. True ginger and a known expert of the art of having a great time at any moment!



Elena is the Chief Copyeditor @NYblender, a sommelier of NY Blender good reads with first access to the ideas of our contributors. With an MBA in Finance and an open mind to the world, she is a stickler for grammar and proper flow, but is also a big foodie. While she won’t shy away from a BBQ joint in the bowels of Brooklyn, the never-ending exploits of healthier way of life and all that entails, is an everyday balancing act in a busy life in New York.