Valentine's Day

Unconventional Gift Ideas

January 30, 2018

Have you started to notice teddy bears in store fronts along with the abundance of all sorts of red and heart shaped? Yes it’s coming in like a hurricane, and it’s called Valentine’s Day.  The big romantic night out for two, with mediocre pre fix menu and service, overpriced plush toys, roses and chocolate.  Can this get any more predictable and unsentimental? United in our dislike of everything mass, conventional and mundane explore our alternatives to the lovey-dovey togetherness.



Said? Done! Let’s start with idea of traveling together. Which country or city? No, think bigger - get out into space! Bloon’s pressurized capsule will float you up to an altitude of 36km above the sea level, so that you can enjoy a truly breathtaking view of our planet. Fly in a clean way with zero environmental impact, in a highly exclusive and customizable experience.


Back on Earth, let's explore other experiences one can share already tomorrow.



For the film enthusiasts - make a movie! Not a simple GoPro vacay video, but an actual film. Write a script incorporating a unique story that applies to only the two of you (much better time spent while sipping on that bottle of champagne surrounded by candles). Think through setting, some additional actors, costumes and makeup and hire an operator with film editing skills. Camera. Set. Roll. Action! Your very own Hollywood story with you being the leading star. And if you are more of the music buffs, same can be done with a music video creation - pick your favorite tune and make your own visual interpretation of it.



Do a barista course together. Master those morning coffee skills like a pro. This can be found in almost every town nowadays or can be combined with a luxury getaway to the land of caffeine fans - Italy. Learn how to make that perfect foam for morning cappuccino or a silky latte. This is also the right place to master your heart-drawing skills that is still sweet yet not cheesy.


Alternatively cocktail-making private training with subsequent tasting can lead to a fun night out, or a night in with a box full of exciting recipes and tasty ingredients, alternative to a standard dinner date.



Looking for outdoor fun? Why not book an experience that will blow your mind? Go whale watching! There are plenty of places in US where you can see whales in February so plan a long weekend, or if you want to combine it with a very long-distance vacation you can always go to Kaikoura in New Zealand that has unique conditions which keep whales there all year round. Norway and Iceland are also great options. Whale watching is normally done from the boat that can come as close as 50 meters to whales, who come up to surface to get some air, or from the air by means of a small plane or a helicopter. The choice is yours, depending on the budget and preferences.



Well, even though we always prefer experience over the material gifts, we are also humans and support economy by stocking up on small goodies that can make a last-minute Valentine gift or are just cool.



We all know, that the second most romantic gift is the one that can be made on your own, the DIY project.  Check off all the boxes: customized, personal, thoughtful, romantic and pretty. Go to and upload your pictures from your wedding, first date, or anniversary trip, select the tune, and viola! Digital, elegant and animated photo album right in front of you on your huge TV screen in just matter of minutes! And it is environmentally friendly.


You can opt out for the humorous option of newly released Tito’s “Vodka is always a good idea” candy bento box. Something small, something sweet and something boozy in one shot. Loving it!



Like playing cards? Here is a cool, hand-illustrated set that is themed for the occasion - Lover’s Card set from Peeps Paper Products created exclusively for Goop.



Oh, almost forgot about flowers. Here is an idea! In today’s obsessions with technology, sustainability and healthy-eating, all at the same time, why not look into something that meets it all - tiny aquaponics installation or a fish tank that is also your lush herb garden. Cool gift for anyone, anytime.



Whether you are coupled up or not, a treat of a professional massage right in the comfort of your own home can be easily arranged through Zeel.  Works great to get any tension out, relax you mind, and stretch the muscle. So why not gift it to yourself?  And if single, place a call to BEVY, for some professional matchmaking, so come next year you can just leave your laptop open with a browser expanded on this post for your new beau to get your Vday right ; )


We hope we inspired you to go a bit outside of the box during the Valentine’s madness, whether you chose our suggestions or come up with your own. Make this journey of preparation unique this year and cherish every moment. And if you will hesitate to forgo on the tradition of giving roses, at least opt for the ones that will last for a year! From the bottom of our hearts we are wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day! Much love and hugs!




NYBlender Girls