Glamorous Makeover

NYBlender Style

February 21, 2018

Your working day is coming to the end, the sun slowly goes down over the skyscrapers, illuminating the streets with warm glow, and the mad rhythm of the big city slowly goes down … or so you think.  The Queen of the Night is approaching, bringing all sorts of mischief with her. Now we just need some magic to be transformed from our 9-5 look into the evening glam.


There is never enough time to get ready, but we want to shine.  Time to call for help, in just an hour time (our version of the New York minute) you’ll have a fresh hairdo and light makeup application, all while you are either having a few minutes of shut eye or a glass of wine in the convenience of your home (or office).


Whether going to an important company event, friend’s birthday, or a black tie gala, there is a surprising array of looks that can be done by a professional fairly quickly. Meet our go-to New York City stylist Yana Evtykh, who has over 10 years of experience in styling brides, celebrities, and socialites for an impressive range of events.


NYBlender: Yana, tell us what is the most effortless look to pull off in short time, given you have the skill, and still look elegant?


Yana: Among the main trends of this season are the hairstyles that look like you made it on your own: voluminous and messy, low updos, ponytails and soft flowing curls. The key, and this is where the skill comes in, is to make it look light and floating, yet make it strong and long lasting through the evening.



NYB: Just the other week, you did an incredible job in styling my hair for a black tie ball.  I loved it! And received tons of compliments!  I remember having the concern of not being able to put my hair apart the next day, and you reassured me that it would not be an issue.  What are your go to products to keep the style up all night, yet preserve the natural look and avoid gluey sticky feeling?


Y: Thank you! A satisfied customer is my best reward! I always think of a hairstyle, as I would of building a house.  I know it’s a strange analogy, but there is some reason to it.  Just as in building a house, when creating a hairstyle you need a base or a foundation, main structure and details that come along with it. Together with professional help and a little magic of a strong hairspray guarantees the best result.



NYB: Recently you had experience working with a group of news anchors.  Can you tell us about the looks you created for them to feel and look professional on TV?


Y: Well, it was a challenge to create an image of intelligent-casual-beauty look. We needed the audience not just to admire, but also to listen to the news anchors. The big accent was on the eyes, as the eyes carry across the most energy and are the ultimate connectors to the audience through the screen.  Paired together with a conservative low updo, it was well received.



NYB:  Yana, which looks would you recommend to pull off for a busy girl with limited time, and what would that entail?


Y: The simplest way to create a spectacular look in a short time is to choose one accent. For example either the dramatic smokey eye with voluminous curls, or more natural glowing look with bright red lip paired with elegant updo. 


When I work with my clients (who, needless to say, are all very busy, hence I come to the rescue), we allocate about an hour for full makeover.  Within that timeframe, working with clean dry hair I’m able to create a look that is glamorous yet effortless. In my experience in the city, I have done low or high updos while my clients were on conference calls, reading to their children, pushing out those last emails, and even snoozing.  I’m working with busy women who mastered multi-tasking and have respect for their time, so I’m glad to make their life easier all while helping them feel confident when they enter their event that evening.






To have your NYBlender Beauty Look for the night contact Yana directly or through NYBlender to schedule your appointment at your chosen time and place. Choose the look for the night, sit back and relax, as in just an hour all you’ll need to do is put on your dress and heels, and you are ready to make heads turn at the party.