Denis Ouch

Street Pop Art

April 17, 2018

Denis Ouch is street artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, who is currently based in New York.  Denis has no formal training in art, he is completely self-thought, but naturally has the talent and sense of color and composition. As a teenager he started with graffiti art in his motherland.


Upon Denis’ arrival in the States he met Shawn Patrick Anderson, who is himself a renowned set designer and prop stylist, he thought Denis how to make silkscreens, inspired and encouraged him to become a professional artist.


"I never had enough patience to learn how to draw, but I always felt that I'm meant to be an artist! I was very impressed by Andy Warhol’s work and his approach to art, which was as simple as taking an object or an image and putting it in a different context. Every piece has a message, straight and clear. I’ve used silkscreens and stencils to express how I feel, putting all my emotions almost instantly onto a canvas and transforming it into art ".





At the very beginning of his career Denis began with canvas, then moving onto city maps as the background of his art.  Combining two styles together – Street and Pop art, Denis skillfully delivers a clever message with a dash of humor featuring and mixing items that are seen every day and not.


"Things that inspire me are simply the life and environment I’m surrounded by.  Some are based on politics, others came from my childhood, but in general most inspiration is some sort of a call to society that probes a question to the World around and me. I love to make art because it is honest and cannot lie. I cannot lie to myself."





Denis Ouch has participated in a few projects and social actions:


Solo Exhibit in Dubai at Art of Iris, April 23, 2018


In June 2017 his artwork was presented in Street Pop Art gallery "Buddy Warren Gallery " in Downtown Manhattan.


In spring of 2016, Denis had a solo show at Palette Gallery in Asbury Park, Jersey Shore, titled Pricey Fun.   Also the artist has donated to charity some of his works to help fighting Human Trafficking, for which there was an exhibition in Miami in 2016.


In 2015, there were exhibitions in Maiori, Italy, New Jersey and Delaware.


In 2014 together with French photographer Augustine Doublet, they created a social performance "Golden Finger NYC". Both artists painted in gold trash bags and other found objects on the streets of New York. “The message of the project was to show how wasteful our society is, we create more goods than we need."


The same year Denis collaborated with Brain Petro and Washington Project for the Arts, where their artworks were shown in Maryland.


In 2011 Denis participated in "Occupy Wall Street” protests in San Diego and was arrested. He was set free after 40 days in jail. This experience inspired him to do the series of his political infighter art works, creating some street art pieces in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Denis appears as a promising new rising star and we will post updates on his work here at NYBlender!