Healthy Lifestyle Obsession

And How to Achieve it

May 03, 2018

We are all being brainwashed on daily basis by social media, TV adds, family and friends on living healthy. But what is living healthy for one may not necessarily be for the other. Furthermore, latest diets, supplements, new exercise regimens, books and videos can get overwhelming. What is the ‘right’ system for you? Where to start and with what? And how to achieve the personal goals we set for ourselves?


We sat down to chat with Caitlin Conlon, a holistic certified health coach, to discuss what is a heathy lifestyle, what is health coaching and why one may need one, and everything in between.




NYBLENDER: Caitlin, could you please explain what is a health coach?


Caitlin: When we think about what “health” is, we generally think that it is the food that we eat. But it is so much more! It’s your HAPPINESS. Transforming our bodies, our emotions, and our spirit is not just a one size fits all.


Visiting a nutritionist, dietician, or doctor is a wonderful step forward in taking charge of your health. But then after that appointment is over, how do you hold yourself accountable to your highest level and potential? Don’t we need to encompass more of life than just food? And how do you guarantee to yourself that you won’t revert back to old habits that have been making you feel lousy? Comfort sure feels nice, doesn’t it? NO!


That’s where I kick ball change and step in!


A health coach creates the right steps in the right order that are easy and fun to follow, so that you can lead a life that is healthful for you. When you have this system, changing old habits becomes easy; where choosing nourishment isn’t even a question. With a health coach, you create a schedule of one-on-one phone sessions to help keep you on track, guide you, and answer any questions that might pop up along the way. It’s like your own personal health Yoda.



NYB: Ahaha, “personal health Yoda”!  That is true.  I never thought that I am lazy or irresponsible, especially when it comes to ME, but I can certainly attest that since you’ve developed a program for me I made that ‘extra’ effort. So how can a health coach help one?


C: Did you know that the average person makes the same New Year’s resolution 10 separate times without success?


NYB: Yeah, that’s why I stopped making those.


C: I help clients realize and change old habits that are no longer serving them to adopt more positive ones. My clients have lost significant amounts of weight, cleared up skin issues, found better digestion, sleep better, and their energy has skyrocketed.


Diets do not work. Deprivation does not work. 98% of dieters gain all of their weight back. Changing your habits with an accountability friend (me!); that is proven to work.



NYB: Based on my experience with you, I’ll admit that I was afraid that good habits would be hard to introduce into my busy schedule and even more difficult to keep up, and even bigger concern of breaking the ‘bad’ habits.  I liked how you did not overwhelm me with a long list of ‘TO DO’ but rather slowly built on the building blocks one step at a time.  That seem to stick with me.


How do I know that I need one, and when is a good time to start?


C: I feel like you intuitively picked the perfect timing for yourself. When we met at a Super Bowl party and you found out what I did you were immediately drawn to the idea of putting a personalized program of change for you.  As you told me initially, what were you doing or what you had tried did not work.  Another big aspect for you was to have someone think about these steps for you and set them all up to fit into your busy schedule.  Your work schedule is busy and you travel a lot, which only adds to the stress.  One other major concern for you was to manage stress levels better and have better sleep. Some also want to understand what foods and nourishment make them vibrate at their body’s highest frequency.


Anytime is a great time to start BUT, perhaps since we are gearing up for losing some articles of clothing with the impending warmer weather — shall we start that body confidence and transformation now? I think so. We can use a bit of spring cleaning on the body.


I have my own coach with whom I work on my personal body/mind health management. That is how much I believe in having someone by your side with only your best interest.




NYB: Oh my, yes, all of year end work drained me.  I was barely sleeping five hours a night.  It felt like the sense of exhaustion moved into my body permanently. I was in a rut and needed to get out. In your experience, how long of a commitment should one make on working with you, or any coach, in order to see some results?


C: I continue to setup programs that run for 3 months at a time because I want to create inevitable success in your life and healthy habits that last. I’m not (nor should you be) interested in deprivation or taking away life’s pleasures. In my program we want to become curious about what works for your particular body type and examine how to make positive changes that you can carry with you in your day to day and beyond. Furthermore, the human brain can change a set habit that it’s been practicing previously within a span of 2-3 months. It takes a little time. We are developing sustainability.



NYB: I think we are close to the end of my month number two, and I am beginning to understand why three months commitment is essential.  Only last week or so did I start feeling like I really have a ritual to the start of my day that makes sense and helps me tune into the rest of the day.   For example, a simple cup of hot water with fresh squeezed lemon and a few slices of ginger really did it for me!  As a result, I feel gathered, have a few minutes to think of my day schedule and set the mind straight. What is interesting, that helped me eliminate the first cup of coffee in the morning, which without much thought gradually helped me reduce my daily coffee intake from 5 to one.  And I really think it all floated into a better sleep at night. But yes, it does take time to get it to be a habit. Caitlin, you mentioned fun, so are your programs all play and games? No rules or restrictions that generally come with following diets?


C: The fun comes into play when we learn what makes your unique body tick. Just like your experience with a hot cup of water with lemon and ginger. It is incredibly interesting to find out which foods give you energy, what you should be eating to lose weight for your individual body, and what nourishment outside of food your body is screaming for.


Aside from that, I will tell you what foods you should absolutely avoid in order to find optimal health. On the flip side of avoidance, I have a client handout on all the foods you GET to eat and embrace, as celebrating food and what we get to have is a much better approach to health. Fortunately in 2018 healthy eating is no longer eating tree bark and grass. Am I right? Let’s pinpoint the foods and recipes that bring you joy to either cook or order out!


Since I am a certified personal trainer, I also tag on daily work outs for clients that are catered to your body, strengths, weaknesses, and body image desires.  A set of exercises that we put together for you for a 10 minute morning no fuss routine fits well for you. As noted, nothing is a one-size-fits-all.


As we work our way through the program we learn so much about our bodies. But of course, it will take a little hard work and determination to make a true change.


NYB: I hear you, it does take a little effort and determination to make new adjustments and have them flow smoothly into a routine, or as you like to call it a ‘ritual’. I’m sure everyone is thinking by now that your bespoke programs and hands on one-on-one coaching costs a fortune. Is it something one can afford?


C: It’s hard to put a price on your health and happiness when it is the most important part of your life. If you were able to wake up every day excited to get your day started, felt invigorated and energetic, looked forward to daily exercise and food choices, and loved every bit of what you saw in the mirror, what would you pay?


I have had clients that said they would undoubtedly pay more because the program changes their life, their outlook and approach in daily nuances, and their success in so many areas of life.


NYB: Of course there is no price on self-love and your own well-being. We should always put ‘you’ first.  But it is also nice to know that it is affordable and one can opt to invest all at once or setup a monthly plan.


Be present. Take Charge. Find Your Healthy Living.


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